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Top 1-50 Perl scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Newboard
Newboard is an online full featured discussion board in PERL that allow users to post topics for discussing with other members and website visitors.
  2)   The Digital Guestbook
The Digital Guestbook is a guestbook program written on perl which sends email notification to the webmaster for the entries made by the users in the guestbook.
  3)   wwwboard-rescue
wwwboard-rescue is a simple online discussion board addon script written in PERL to allow users to create their own message lists file in the WWWBoard message board directory.
  4)   LCARS Chat (Pro Edition)
This chat has the fictional Star Trek LCARS computer interface and a language file for easy language translations. It has more than 50 features some of which are ban/unban, kick, private messages, save chat sessions and many more.
  5)   .htpasswd File and Site Access Manager
This is a user management program that helps webmasters to add, delete, edit or view users and groups through a browser based interface. Only authorised users can gain access to secured files and directories on the website. This program uses .htaccess and .htpasswd files.
  6)   dbm
dbm is a perl based database tool that allows users to add or modify their entries in the database from command line. The data given by the users are stored in flat text file in ascii code.
  7)   Techno Trade CGI Archive
This site provides many free and commercial CGI scripts for use on the web site. Some of the currently available scripts include link indexing, search engine, password protection, discussion board, redirection and many more.
  8)   Advanced php and perl scripts for your unique web site
Scripts for existing Introduction / Casting /Modeling /Escort / Match Making /Recruitment / Estate / Agency or you are just a web developer who wants to have and run all these agencies online by himself and make loads of money or you are just want to set up all these services to serve your community.
  9)   Cookie Login System
This is a password protection system developed with perl that allows webmasters to protect cookies on the server. Simple and very easy to understand and use.
  10)   BS Guestbook
BS Guestbook is a program written on perl which permits the users to add several comments and messages on the guestbook about a particular site. Easy to install and handle for the users.
  11)   FreeScripts
This site offers a large number of free CGI scripts. Some of its main ones are chat script, guest book, postcard script, banner ad management, and form processor.
  12)   SubmIT
SubmIT is a CGI script. It allows your visitors to submit their sites to most known search engines and FFA Links. SubmIT requires Perl 5.004 or above installed on your server, MySQL database, DBI, DBD::Mysql and LWP perl modules.
  13)   IC-GuestBook
This guest book is simple to install, only one file. Upload the file, give it permissions to run and give its folder permissions to write, thats it. Cool admin feature that allows the admin to edit anything once he/she is logged in. Users are also allowed to modify what they have written. The admin password uses timed session id's and encrypted passwords with session id's.
  14)   GTChat
This web chat application works in server-push and client-pull mode. Some of its features include emotions, private rooms and advanced administrator functions like kicking order and also banning of all unwanted visitors.
  15)   Ultimate Auction
This Perl auction script uses mySQL for it's database and can handle sites that have heavy traffic. Some of its features are unlimited levels of categories and sub-categories, full online administration, proxy bidding, full documentation and much more.
  16)   Banner Creator
Banner Creator is an effective ad management utility which permits your web site visitors to create banners online with the required color and font for the text, speed of the animation etc.,
  17)   vaxbb-text based Web bulletin board
vaxbb-text based Web bulletin board is an efficient bulletin board system in PERL that allow users to discuss on various issues and topics with other members.
  18)   Photo Gallery Manager 1.2
Manage multiple Photo Galleries including archives with this easy to use program.
  19)   Tracing Your Visitor's Footsteps
As the name suggests, Tracing Your Visitor’s Footsteps looks at your visitors from where they came, what page did they start at and what page did they end up on.
  20)   ActualTime
This time converter can be used to display time in the required format. It converts the time of the server to your requirement so that the desired time zone is displayed on your web page. It caters to setting of 12 hours ahead or 11 hours behind server time.
  21)   BBmatic BBS For The WEB
BBmatic BBS For The WEB is a full featured and easy to install discussion board in PERL that allow users to post topics for online discussions.
  22)   Webflux
This script is used for counting number of hits made by site visitors every day, per month and also tracks top hit pages etc., It shows unique IP address and unique visitors of your site.
  23)   uReserve Online Resource Scheduling System
uReserveTM, a perl based tool that helps to book the resources online with an organization. Members can utilize the features through secured admin interface. Viewing, deleting, booking of resources and schedules can be done in an easier way.
  24)   LinkTree
Set up your own searchable links directory. Directory pages are static HTML for fast display and low server load. Users can modify or delete their own links.
  25)   WebFetch
WebFetch is an adaptive perl script for grabbing news headlines and content from local to unversal web based systems with mailing support module. Support cron modules for news updation with specific intervals.
  26)   e-Accountant Pro
e-Accountant Pro is a simple and efficient order processing script in PERL that processes and stores relevant details of the customers from the order forms.
  27)   Auto Thumb
Auto Thumb is a program based on PERL with which users can generate custom thumbnails for all purpose. Users can manage thumbnails in an individual directory.
  28)   SunnyScript's AccessGuardian
SunnyScript's AccessGuardian is a professional access management tool suited to protect directories and sell memberships.
  29)   classifieds
This CGI script allows you to either display or add classified advertisements.
  30)   Login
This is a perl based password security system that helps webmasters to protect their web pages from unauthorized access. Users are asked for their username and password to gain access to secured contents.
  31)   csDownload
csDownload is a script based on perl that perform file downloads with forms. This script permit the users to download from unique location.
  32)   Site Submitter Pro
This script which will let your visitors submit their site to the top 120 search engines/directories in seconds.
  33)   DarkChat
DarkChat is written in Perl. This supports a message box, user list, private message list and the public messages. This also has the Post/More/Private/Clear/Leave buttons.
  34)   sysinfo
sysinfo is a server program that provides several informations to the users about their web space and server. This script indicates any environment variables.
  35)   mod_perl Calendar System
This is a free calendar package that offers features such as a user friendly interface, easy navigation and much more. It has a very comprehensive and user friendly administration interface to customize the layout and manage events.
  36)   psPhonebook Lite
This script is used for storing phone numbers, email address, contact address and site name of company. This program is easy to setup and simple to work.
  37)   Online Test Engine
Online Test engine delivers objective type questions online effectively.
  38)   Co-Reg Master
Co-Reg Master lets the perl site webmasters to acquire a good profit by allowing their visitors to create a subscription account for newsletters and automated email follow-ups. This tool enalbes you to send postcards to keep your visitors to come back again.
  39)   Active Classifieds Standard Edition
A dynamic classified ads system with extensive user and admin features.
  40)   CSV read
You can read the data that is stored in database by using CSV read tool. This script shows you all the database in your web page. It is included with filter, sort and search facility.
  41)   htaccess Secure Site Membership System
This is a secure site membership program written in Perl 5and is to be used on UNIX.
  42)   Auto-QuizPro
Create website stickiness with online quiz software. Use Auto-QuizPro that allows you to add interactivity to your site.
  43)   CGISpy Forum
CGISpy Forum is a simple and efficient 5 multi threaded message board system in PERL that allow users to post and reply for the topics. This script can be easily integrated into any webistes.
  44)   System Information Retriever
System Information Retriever is a server program where users can view the system environment variables of their server.
  45)   CSVsearch
This script will help you search on-line databases and then display the results in the same look and feel of your website. You can provide as many options for searching, as you want.
  46)   MetaTag Analyzer
The meta tag Analyzer is a script based on PERL. It can be used by the web owners to make an analysis of their web pages.
  47)   HiAgents MultiUser
This is a content management solution for websites of estate agents. This can be used to supply online data base to unlimited sub agents or to distinguish between different branches/outlets of the firm. It allows building of an entirely community driven, self-sustaining website in minutes.
  48)   iGal
iGal is an image gallery script written using Perl which can be used to publish your photos online and to share them with your friends. The script is capable of handling images in JPG, GIF and PNG formats and allows you to view the images as a slideshow presentation.
  49)   Endymion MailMan web-mail
A stable, mature, and robust Web-based email system.
  50)   Calendar
Calendar is a PERL based script, which can be used by the web masters to create a web based calendar in their site, which will be useful for the users to view a calender for any month on any year.

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