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Top 1-50 JavaScript scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Swiss Analog Clock
This is a java based analog clock that can be displayed on any websites. This program is compatible with a wide range of browsers and operating systems.
  2)   EZBoard
EZBoard offers a discussion board on Javascript.
  3)   Preload image script II
This script sports a graphical display that shows the progress of preloading of images, if the browser is IE4 or above. The images are preloaded for instant display on demand.
  4)   Slideshow with fading transissions
Slideshow is a javascript which can be used by the webmasters to show the images and photos on their websites. It causes a fade effect in transition.
  5)   Comet Trail
This script implements a mouse effect, which leaves a trail behind the mouse creating a comet trail. The background colors, font, size etc. can be configured through the script.
  6)   Calendar Creator
This JavaScript is to create calendars, which provides options for choosing the color of your calendar background, font type for days, font for the month, current day color and font for weekdays. The calendar is compatible with NN 4x, Netscape 6, IE 5x and NeoPlanet.
  7)   Free Translation
This JavaScript can translate your web site into about 6 languages. Supports a drop down menu with a list of languages supported.
  8)   Calendar Reminder Script
Calendar Reminder Script is a javascript that can be used by the users to add reminders to their web calendars. Users can add this reminder with several colours.
  9)   Color Picker
Color Picker enables the visitor to pickup the color of the background, which can be either red, green or blue. The color and its rgb value are displayed when you enter a hexademical value directly.
  10)   Tigra Calendar PRO
Tigra Calendar PRO is flexible JavaScript Calendar offering high reliability and wide browsers support. This script allows your visitors to select any date from on page calendar with minimum number of clicks.
  11)   Background Images SlideShow
This JavaScript can display a slideshow of images below the page in the background of the page. Supports two styles of slideshow- one, in which the slideshow runs full page and the second in which the images can be selectively positioned.
  12)   Magic Wand cursor
This script implements an attractive display of a group of sparkling particles that revolve around the cursor in a circle, wherever the cursor is moved.
  13)   Password Prompt
This script allows access to your protected document to only those visitors who are authorized with the correct password. Requires JavaScript to be enabled.
  14)   AnyLink Drop Down Menu
This is a versatile drop down menu that can be applied to ordinary links on your page, including image links. It can be activated either onMouseover or onClick.
  15)   DevMansion JavaScript Menu Builder
DevMansion JavaScript Menu Builder is a WYSIWYG, lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn FREEWARE tool focused exclusively on client side JavaScript menus creation. Inside, you will find everything you need to create menus for Your site in minutes.
  16)   Multiple Message TWINKLER
This JavaScript highlights the letters from left to right one after another. Supports the implementation on any number of messages. The effect pauses after each message or on mouseover.
  17)   Domain Redirect
If you have more than one domain pointing to the same IP address, redirect each domain to its directory with this javascript.
  18)   Auto Homepage - Add to Favorites Script
This JavaScript can set any specified URL as the visitor’s homepage and also add the URL to the favorites. The codes can be copied onto the of your web page.
  19)   Blending Image Slideshow Script
Blending Image Slideshow Script is a javascript that helps webmasters in building their own slideshow on their websites. This script allows any number of images to be used for slideshow.
  20)   Dynamic 3D Image Rotator
Dynamic 3D Image Rotator is an image effect tool to display bitmap image that scales and rotates around the Y-axis in your webpage. You can display more than one bitmap at a time in your webpage.
  21)   Popup image from thumbnail
As the name suggests, this JavaScript pops up a thumbnail image in a popup window when the user clicks on the thumbnail image. The script is compatible to IE4+ and NS6+ browsers.
  22)   Random Image Link
This is a robust script that loads a random image with corresponding link.
  23)   DE JavaScript Slide Show
DE JavaScript Slide Show is a JavaScript to display a slide show of images in your webpage. The slide show can be viewed by clicking on the previous or next button provided by the script.
  24)   Quiz Maker
With this JavaScript you can create various quiz games by entering the questions and its answers. The script automatically creates a quiz out of it and also calculates and displays the result.
  25)   Auto Reload page script
This script auto reloads a webpage every x seconds/minutes. Useful for web cam pages, for example. It displays the time remaining until the next refresh in the status bar.
  26)   Break Out of Frames
This script does not open pages in another page’s frame. The script has to be placed in atleast in the main/introduction page and for best results in all the pages.
  27)   Alphabet Soup
This script can make alphabets in a message to rotate in a circular path and collect together in the centre. Implements the visual effect by means of the sine and cosine functions.
  28)   j s Banner Script
j s Banner Script is a banner management program made using Javascript. It allows any amount of banner displays.
  29)   IFRAME scroller
With the help of , this scroller script uses an external HTML file as its content to scroll and display, making updating and adding rich HTML to the scroller a breeze. Works in both IE4+ and NS6+, degrading well with the rest.
  30)   Jason's Date Input Calendar
This script displays a popup calendar next to date fields to make it easy for users to fill out the date. The script also generates the actual date field as well using select menus and a text box, and creates a hidden field to contain the user selected Date value.
  31)   Live Clock
Live clock is javascript that you can install on your websites to show the time. It shows the same time as your computer is set on.
  32)   Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors is a JavaScript game that displays- one of the rock, the second a Paper, the third Scissors. One selection of one image, the computer selects the other one and displays a message of the selection.
  33)   "MPS" to "MPH" converter
As the name suggests the "MPS" to "MPH" converter transfers the “Meters Per Second” speed into “Miles Per Hour”. A text box is provided to give the speed in ‘Meters Per Second’ and the result in MPH is displayed in an another text box.
  34)   IP Grabber
This JavaScript on the Netscape browser if Java-enabled can grab and display the IP address of the visitor while filling any of the forms in your webpage.
  35)   Dynamic Countup Script
Display how much time has passed since an expired date with this rare script. Accurate to the second.
  36)   Make This Page Your Homepage Script
This JavaScript pops up a dialog box prompting the user to set your page as their default home page. It doesn’t display the links in browsers that does not support the feature as it uses the conditional comments of IE5.
  37)   FormCheck
FormCheck is developed with javascript and is a program that can validate whether any mandatory field is filled or not before submitting the form. This is an easy to use program.
  38)   Cool DHTML Tooltip
This practical, elegant DHTML tooltip script displays additional information about a link or any other element (ie: table) when the mouse moves over it.
  39)   Iframes SSI script II
This script automatically resizes a IFRAME to be the exact height of the content contained inside it, and auto adjusts if the content inside changes.
  40)   N-level Context menu
N-level Context menu is a JavaScript that can be loaded to your webpage to enable right click menu display if the visitor is using Internet Explorer browser.
  41)   Display date on ur webpage
Display date on ur webpage is a simple javascript application that displays both time and date along with the current month on your webpages, based on the visitor's geographical location.
  42)   CodeThatHint
CodeThatHint is a javascript widget providing the functionality of the tool tip (hint) control.
  43)   NoPass Web Site Security System
NoPass Web Site Security System is an effective javascript program that helps the webmasters to protect their anuthorized pages with password facility. Any pages can be protected in this way and none can access the restricted pages without feeding exact password.
  44)   Flexi Slideshow
Flexi Slideshow can accommodate images of different dimensions, and optional text beneath a slide.
  45)   vgCookies
Learn how to work with javascript cookies. Check if cookies are enabled. Set, read and delete cookies.
  46)   Fade
The script fades your texts between two colors. The script from any 2 hex colors and preferred increments can enable you to create a hex color fade array.
  47)   Browser redirect script
Browser redirect Script detects the browser used by the visitor while surfing your webpage and on the basis of it redirects the visitor to specific pages designed for that browser. The script functions only with NS 4+ and IE 4+.
  48)   Pulldown Menu (Description)
This JavaScript can be used in your webpage to implement a pull down menu. The script also provides a text box for displaying a brief description about the selected link and a ‘Go” button to launch the link.
  49)   Double Mouseover
With this script when you move your mouse over one image this image and as well as the image adjacent to it also changes implementing two changeover effects.
  50)   Highlight Table Cells Script IE
Highlight Table Cells Script IE is a java based script that allows webmasters to highlight any table row entirely. It causes a change of colours when mouse is moved over the table row.

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