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Top 1-50 Java scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Chat Client/Server
Chat Client/Server is a communication application for use by any large corporates. It can operate on any platform that supports Java. You can execute this from the command line.
  2)   Java Calendar Component
This is an useful full featured calender software designed with java components. You can view the calender by the month or year, select dates, look for era etc.,
  3)   JSci: An open-source alternative for Java 2D graphing
This tutorial discusses in details JSci as an alternative to Java 2D graphing. JSci is an open-source package, which allows you to create 2D bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs in Swing.
  4)   ChatServlet
ChatServlet is a chatroom with WAP/WML support enabling the mobile users to chat through it. As it is a pure HTML implementation this chat is free from any firewall’s restriction. It relies on a configuration text file.
  5)   Introduction to JavaServer Pages
You can have an introduction to the features of Java Server Pages (JSP), its target users and its employment. JSP is discussed in detail vis-à-vis Netscape technologies like SSJS and NAS's presentation markup language.
  6)   Yazd Discussion Forum Software
This is a discussion forum software. Using an admin interface this can be easily configured. Supports conversion of HTML text into displayable text and URLs to actual links. Supports total web based administration and customization.
  7)   1st Class Star Wars
This applet displays a scrolling text using an array of images. 1st Class Star Wars includes a package of three applets and each applet contains a detailed description of the scrolling effect and picture description.
  8)   Lazy load using dynamic proxy
Lazy load using dynamic proxy is a tutorial that teaches how to implement the lazy load mechanism using dynamic proxy concept.
  9)   BarChartPro
This is a java applet bar chart program that helps users to represent values in 3D bar chart mode. Users have options to customize colors and fonts.
  10)   Java Applets by Gokhan Dagli
Java Applets by Gokhan Dagli is a collection of Java Applets that can be used to enhance image effects, scrollers, text effects etc. Some of the applets offered are Advanced News Scroll, Text Announcer, Dissolve Image etc.
  11)   DS Fog
DS Fog can take any image as input and implement a fog effect. Also supports inclusion of an image and a scroll text that can be scrolled from left, right, up or down. The speed, direction, intensity etc can be customized.
  12)   JSP-XML DataGrid I
This is a JSP based program which shows how to display the XML data in the datagrid control using JSP. The author shows it with a sample program.
  13)   Andrey's Applet Flag
This program allows users to create an flag effect image. Users can use their own pictures to get this flag effect on their images.
  14)   FrettJC
This is a java chat application that runs without any additional software installation except an HTML browser. The messages can be edited and can also be stored in memory for faster access.
  15)   Scaling Web services and applications with JavaGroups
Scaling Web services and applications with JavaGroups is a tutorial that teaches the users about the opensource distributed solution tools. This tutorial requires the users to have an intermediate level of Java knowledge.
  16)   Take control of your JSP pages with custom tags
This is an article that explains the best way to combine custom tags and increase the reusability and flexibility of JSP technology by customizing JSP tags. Few of them are supported with examples too.
  17)   PureTest
PureTest is a development tool for debugging and snooping of web applications. It can test a variety of applications. It can also perform generic verification of HTTP requests and web content checking with the HTTP Recorder and Web Crawler.
  18)   Rotateinfo
Rotateinfo displays message within a specified area one after the other. Messages are required to be specified in a text file. These messages can be linked to be URL.
  19)   Webmatic fade
With Webmatic fade you can display a fading effect between images in your web page. You can supply number of images of your choice to this applet. The fading speed between the images can be customized. The applet can have a URL link.
  20)   SimplyView
SimplyView is an efficient online image gallery software with which you would be able to organize your own image galleries with the ability to view images in any desired format.
  21)   Tetrix
Tetrix applet resembles the TETRIS game. You can play this game with a Java compatible browser. It is currently available in English and Italian version. It allows you to modify the values of width and height where the game is displayed.
  22)   XBrowser
XBrowser is a web browser with Plugins/Extensions, which will increase the functionality of the browser. It supports features like JavaScript and Cookies as well as page caching, printing and print preview, flexible searching among history and much more.
  23)   CSTreeBean
CSTree can provide a tree view as the HTML tables in any Java Server Pages. It holds the tree statically and uses JDBC to populate from a database. It can handle large and deep trees containing hundreds or even thousands of nodes.
  24)   DS Plasma
This java applet displays a real time plasma effect over any of your favorite image. When the mouse is moved over the applet the animation is paused and original picture is displayed. You can give a scrolling text and an image over the image.
  25)   Java Applet Source Code
Offering a java applet source code, menus and more.
  26)   Pictures Publishing
Pictures Publishing is an image servlet that builds a photo album with .gif, .jpg and .pgn files. The display of pictures and the settings of various interface files are described by a configuration file provided in this applet.
  27)   URLButton
URLButton displays a text field for URLs. When you type a valid URL into the text field it takes you to the linked URL.
  28)   DbVisualizer
DbVisualizer is a cross-platform database visualization and management program. Supports different databases like Sybase, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, InstantDB, McKoi, SAP DB, Cloudscape and Mimer.
  29)   DS Clouds
This visual effect java applet can implement a real time cloud effect. You can also supply an image and a scroll text over the animation. You can customize the density, speed and direction of the clouds by configuring the parameters.
Digital clock in pseudo-3D drawn from scratch using grass-roots AWT methods.
  31)   3D Multi Series Stacked Column Chart Java Bean
This Bean can create Stacked Column Chart with 3D effect. Supports configurable image position, text, label colors, axis colors etc. The data objects, which are the grouped features of this java bean enables simpler and flexible implementations.
  32)   Ad Serving Solutions
Java Servlet Ad management ad serving software solution to manage and rotate your online advertising.
  33)   Whizlabs SCBCD Certification Simulator
This is one of the simulator certificate exam for SCBCD. Through this the beginner can know how the simulators conduct exams and how much questions are available in that particular SCBCD topics.
  34)   S-pack
S-pack is an online java applet with which you can implement slide shows and banner rotations on the java based applications with predefined image files.
  35)   Webmatic Water
This is a java visual effect applet that can enhance your webpage with a wonderful water visual effect over any background image. The applet can have any image of your choice.
  36)   DS Explode
DS Explode implements an explosive effect while rotating images. Also an image and a scroll text can be inserted over the animation. The speed of the animation can be configured and also a pause setting specified.
  37)   2D 3D Pie Chart & Graph Software
2D / 3D Pie Chart provides both Client and Server solution for adding pie charts
  38)   fi24.com
This is a java based games and entertainment website which offers you a media library which contains java games, ringtones, software for your cell phones.
  39)   Java Telnet Game Client
This web based telnet mud client will help your site visitors to access your game servers directly from your website with full ANSI support.
  40)   Adventure Castle
Adventure Castle is a java game, that can be loaded for mobiles and cell phones. This game is interactive and interesting and anyone can play this game.
  41)   Zmei Music Center
With this Java applet, you can play music on your web page. All it requires is that the audio file has to be in au format.
  42)   Java Servlets
This is a simple chapter that gives you a detailed introduction to the Java Servlet and tells you how to write, compile and serve a servlet. The article provides an explanation of the benefits of using Java Servlet on the server side of your Web applications.
  43)   Visual Java/SWING Components Library
Design attractive GUI with Eltima Visual Java Swing Components Library.
  44)   JWebEdixx
This is a Java content management applet that can be used as a HTML editor. The applet like word processor performs text formatting. The in and output format functionality is provided by the HTML.
  45)   DevX Discussion Groups
Active discussion groups of professional developers for .NET, Visual Basic, Java, C/C++, Database, Enterprise, Security, Wireless, Open Source/Linux, and Internet/intranet developers.
  46)   Dieselpoint Search
Dieselpoint Search is a search tool for huge amount of data and text. Like a search engine it can implement a full-text searches, also like a SQL database it can perform parametric searches.
  47)   Real Invaders
Real Invaders has amazing gaming features and is a clone of the Modern Space Invaders. It is loaded with great graphics, sounds and easy gameplay. It supports unlimited levels, fast gameplay, a help screen etc.
  48)   Magic Text Scroll Java Applet
Magic Text Scroll Java Applet scrolls text two or more text in both left to right and right to left direction. The texts can be scrolled at different speeds and different colors.
  49)   JSPMaker
JSPMaker is a powerful yet easy-to-use code generator that creates a full set of JSP (JavaServer Pages) quickly from MySQL or Oracle.
  50)   Scripto
Scripto is a text effect applet that uses ASCII characters to convert a text into a signature. A text field and a Scripto button are provided in this applet. Enter a text in the text field and press the Scripto button. The applet will display the signature form of the text entered.

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