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Top 1-41 Flash scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Cascade Flash Digital Clock
This is a smartClip that allows you to add a traditional LCD Digital Clock Display to your Flash movies. This allows you to configure the colors used in the clock, thereby giving it a different look.
  2)   Creating a Walk Cycle in Flash
Creating a Walk Cycle in Flash is a tutorial that teaches the learners about the basic and indepth level of flash in designing animation. This tutorial is simple.
  3)   Flash MX DataGrid Add-ons
Flash MX DataGrid Add-ons is an extension for Flash MX DataGrid component to increase the power of it. The users can alter any of the cell properties including background and colors.
  4)   XML Powered FLV Video and MP3 Audio player
This is a powerful multimedia tool using which you would be able to play MP3 and FLV files within the advanced flash MX media controller.
  5)   Simple Buttons
This is a flash tutorial in which learners will be able to understand the concepts and properties of buttons in flash. It is designed in such a way that, a beginner is able to learn the tutorial without the help of others.
  6)   Multi Preloader
Multi Preloader is a tool which helps the webmasters in simplifying the loading of the Flash files on their websites, by using this tool the webmasters can let their visitors to have a trustable load indicator on their site.
  7)   iMPlayer
You can integrate this flash based MP3 player on your website to offer free musical web service for your site visitors and to share your collection with others.
  8)   Webberize
Webberize is an active website written in flash offering customizable website design solutions for all online applications.
It is a flash based program through which programmers can create flash intros or movies on their websites. This programme helps in attracting the site visitors to your site.
  10)   Muzo
Muzo is a powerful and advanced MP3 audio player designed with flash. Users can even select and play their favorites and add new tracks to existing playlist through javascript.
  11)   How to make flash (.swf) transparent
This is an useful Flash tutorial in which the author shows two ways for making the flash file transparent. The author explains it with a sample program.
  12)   Displaying Multiple Fields and Records with Flash and ASP
This tutorial describes how to display multiple fields and records using Flash and ASP. The attempt is to integrate Flash with Active Server Pages.
  13)   DS SlideFade
It is a simple flash application which can be integareted into users website inorder to display the images with slide fade effects.
  14)   Payment Planner
Payment planner is a tool which can be used by the users as a calculator on their flash websites.This calculator is used to calculate monthly due the user can pay.
  15)   getElementsByTagName Method
getElementsByTagName Method is a method which can be used by the webmasters and programmers to get an extensive idea with in-built Flash XML object by using the Flash Actionscript.
  16)   Flash Help Systems
This article looks at one of the ways you can improve usability on websites. Create a complex help system that is quick to load, easy to view and is always available to the user.
  17)   Flash Puzzle - Dragons
Simple Puzzle is a Flash game which can be used for entertainment. This puzzle works on a drag and drop basis. This game can be placed on all the websites.
  18)   SWF Extractor Free
SWF Extractor Free is a program which provides service for the users in decompiling the contents of SWF files and it is possible to use this tool only with uncompressed files.
  19)   Flash Banners V1
Flash Banners V1 is a flash utility which lets the webmasters to create a Flash text banner for their website. It is easy to use and customize this tool for any website.
  20)   Flash Text Scroller Wizard
This tool allows you to design your text scroller and instantly see the results. It is a configurable vertical text scroller and vertical news ticker. It has features such as smooth scrolling, URL links, configurable background color, and basic html tags.
  21)   Flash Vs Java Applets
This is a Flash Tutorial which will be useful for beginners in Flash that describes the difference between Java applets and Flash. By the end of this tutorial, the learners will be able to understand the concepts of Flash with regard to Java Applets.
  22)   Beginners Flash
Beginners Flash is an easy to learn flash tutorial in which the author explains you about the basic things such as how to startup flash program, toolbox in flash, animations such as motion tweens and shape tweens.
  23)   Flash Kit: Movies
Flash Kit offers one of the largest archives of Open Source Flash Movies. The categories included are 3D, Animations, Applications, Effects, Games, Scripting, and more.
  24)   Installing Apache 2.0, PHP 4.2.0, MySQL 3.23, and PHPMyAdmin
This article focuses on what a Flash Developer will need to set up a dynamic working environment for Flash authoring. It details the installation of the Apache 2.0 web server, the PHP version 4.2.0 scripting language, the latest MySQL DBMS, and PHPMyAdmin on a windows (98, ME, XP, etc) desktop.
  25)   CoffeeCup News Flash
Create News Headlines easily without knowing any HTML.
  26)   XML Flash Slideshow Creator
The XML Flash Slideshow Creator allows you to easily create high-impact Flash slideshows in Dreamweaver. The wizards make all aspects of slideshow creation and editing easy.
  27)   Flash Audio Kit extension for Dreamweaver
Easily add universally-compatible audio to your website in Dreamweaver. Layouts, buttons, & more are all customizable. The wizards make every aspect easy to manage.
  28)   Flash Command Line Tools
These are freeware tools for flash projector's so as to allow flash to manipulate windows. They can: open any file, url, in it's default application; perform a perfect browse function; play, eject/close audio cd's; play any video or sound/music; kill any window open in windows; write .txt files and rewrite them; and perform various VBS script and rundll commands.
  29)   RedFrameSite
This provides a layout editor and a set Flash website templates. This does not require any programming knowledge and is an easy to use tool. All features are point and click and some of these are insert your own images, change color, easy text editing, change music files etc.
  30)   Smoothing effect in flash
Smoothing effect in flash is a program which can be used by the users to give a smoothing effect to their movie clip. It provides a smooth ending at the finishing stage of the action.
  31)   StephenGates.com
StephenGates.com is a flash designer. There is a portfolio, and also offers code andopen source code for a small cost.
  32)   DS Compress
This is a simple flash application which helps in displaying the images with compressed effect. The webmasters can place this animation to attract more number of visitors.
  33)   FM2
Professional Flash Menu with sliding submenus that is fully customizable without using Macromedia Flash. Dynamically change text, color, menu options, alpha, border options. Over 110 Options.
  34)   Swiftdev | Swift Developers Resource
Swiftdev is a community dedicated to Swift3D.
  35)   Flash Optimizer
Flash Optimizer can be used by the webmasters to compress their SWF files to reduce 60 to 70 percentage of its size. It offers users two types of compression configurations.
  36)   Mix-FX Flash Text Effects
Create amazing Flash text and background effects and Flash buttons without Macromedia Flash. Mix-FX lets you create stunning effects in just seconds. Change sizes and colors and you have millions of possibilities!
  37)   Anim FX
Anim FX is a program which comes with the ability to build flash intros and banners for the users website to meetout their programming needs. This program provides text effects with more flash animations.
  38)   WillsPage Dynamic Photo Album
Dynamic Photo Album, allowing you to put photos in directories defined by you using web based control panel - can put text under every photo - definining number of photos in each directory, titles etc.
  39)   DS Snow
This is an useful flash movie with which you can display snow effect on your website pages with customized height, width, background and transparancy etc.,
  40)   ContactFormCE
With the help of ContactFormCE website administrators can facilitate their site visitors by providing email forms to collect their comments, feedback and information.
  41)   DS Stars
This is a simple Flash tool which helps you to display a start effect on your web sites. You can enhance the attractiveness of your web site using this tool.