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Top 1-15 C and C++ scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   A Simple CGI Email Handler
A Simple CGI Email Handler is a tool that uses a simple configuration file that tells the allowable authorised users and this tool can be easily added on the webmasters CGI directory. This tool avoids the use of temporary files.
  2)   Str Replace
This is a c based development tool used for replacing string. It uses very simple source code developed in C++.
  3)   The Matrix Screensaver
The Matrix Screensaver is a cool screen saver based on The Matrix theme that lets the users decorate their desktop screens in an attractive way.
  4)   File Assemble
File Assemble is a program that has been designed using C. This script tells how to assemble two different files together using 'C' program.
  5)   C++ for Dumies
An easy to follow and understand 3-page C tutorial for absolute beginners.
  6)   VisualCalendar
VisualCalendar is a fully-featured web-based calendar application that integrates event scheduling, tasks, journal/diary, bookmarks and notes support in one unified platform.
  7)   VisualMessenger
Web-based instant messenger that allows real-time conversations and file transfers between your users.
  8)   yacgi : Yet Another C/C++ library for CGI Programming
yacgi : Yet Another C/C++ library for CGI Programming offers more libraries for helping the users in the creation of forms on WWW using the programs in CGI.
  9)   DF™ TopList Professional
DF™ TopList Pro - is a professional toplist (ranking system), it has all possibilities necessary for modern toplist (reset/no reset mode, count Hits In after Out Hits, "freezing" account in toplist, categories, MultiAdd, random redirection from a selected sites amount and much more).
  10)   Hello World - Intro to C++
It takes you through the Hello World program step by step. A quick introduction to what you need to program in C++.
  11)   HotCache
It is a transactional distributed caching system that runs on top of most RDBMS's. it uses embedded rdbm’s to provide an object-relational mapping tool thus saving days of tedious mapping programming.
  12)   CSpot
It is a saite thet helps new programmers learn the basics of C++, MFC and migrate from Visual Basic. CSpot has easy to understand tutorials, forums and project publicity.
  13)   Programmingtutorials.com
Programmingtutorials.com offers tutorials and a forum for programmers wanting to learn programming languages or would like to further their knowledge of programming languages.
  14)   SWISH-E
SWISH-Enhanced is a fast, powerful, flexible, and easy to use system for indexing collections of Web pages or other text files.
  15)   Ringers
It is a ring-based software navigational system several web sites linked to each other A hub is a software device which acts as the glue for a ring community, allowing for multi-directional navigation.