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1)   Masked Edit Control written in C# that uses Regular Expressions
It is a useful article for the users to learn about masked edit control, which is written in C# by using regular expression. Here the author gives details about the process of converting the mask into regular expression for each character in the code.
  2)   Programming C#: Working with Arrays
It is an easy to understand tutorial in which author deals with arrays in .NET. This tutorial teaches the procedure for sorting, searching and setting the values in the array.
  3)   EndsWith
It is a tutorial in which author discusses about Endswith(str), which helps in evaluating and check whether end of the instance matches with a specified string.
  4)   String Jargon in CSharp
This is an easy to understand tutorial which gives programmatical details of utilizing C# String class functions. Here author offers source code of which users can make use of.
  5)   Regular Expression Information
It is a web based tutorial in which programmers can grasp information regarding with regular expression, which helps in string searching, replacing and matching.
  6)   ASP.NET Sort Array of Classes
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes the procedure for sorting the values in array through the QuickSort or BubbleSort algorithm.