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1)   Atila TripleDES
This library allows the encryption of strings and files. This is a .Net library, with COM interfaces, so it can be used within .NET projects and has a COM component. This component is ideal to assure confidentiality of data or files.
  2)   Real SOAP Security
This tutorial completely demonstrates about SOAP with rules that the users have to follow on their web server. It describes more about SOAP in a simple and easy way.
  3)   New Life SoftLock.net
New Life SoftLock.net is a locking component developed using .NET. It is a security system which provides new code to lock the application.
  4)   Securing Your ASP.NET App Against Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Attacks
This tutorial deals with preventing ASP.NET applications from Cross Site-Scripting attack. This will be useful for the administrators to secure their visitors information.
  5)   Implementing Role Based Security in ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author guides readers to learn about providing access rights to the users on role basis. The author of this tutorial covers this process on utilizing Windows and also customized roles for authorization.
  6)   Keeping Passwords in a Database Secure
This is an article that comes like a study material to let the administrators gather information about using database to store users information in a most secured manner.