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1)   Passing Values between ASP.NET Web Forms
This tutorial teaches the way to pass value between the web forms with the help of query string, server transfer and session variables in the ASP.NET application.
  2)   POSTing Data with ASP.NET
It is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author demonstrates about using post protocol for converting the page scraping. This protocol allows the users to submit their details in the sites and also helps in retrieving the results from the websites.
  3)   RichTextBox
This user friendly tutorial teaches the method of adding RichtextBox for the ASP.NET pages, which helps in adding WYSIWYG text editor along with it.
  4)   Windows Forms Panels: Part 2: Anchoring
This tutorial concentrates on anchoring process which helps in resizing when the Windows form application changes. Here author tells about the advantages of using anchoring process to resize the page.
  5)   ASP.NET Validation Controls Samples For Beginners
ASP.NET Validation Controls Samples For Beginners is a tutorial in which author discusses about various validator, which helps in validating the form controls. The author explains about each validator control and where to use these controls in the elements.
  6)   Plain ComboBox
Plain ComboBox is an utility that enables webmasters to create combobox with drop down capabilities. This program has the ability to complete field while the users start typing initial letters.
  7)   Required Field Validation in ASP+
In this tutorial author teaches about RequiredFieldValidator server control, which helps in validating the fields of the web form for checking whether the form field has any unfilled fields.
  8)   How do I use the RequiredFieldValidator?
This is a simple article in which author discusses about requiredfieldvalidator and its functionalities, which checks the form fields, whether the users filled the required field with the regular format.
  9)   Code Render Blocks
This tutorial deals with code rendering block, when the page is executed this block defines inline expressions. The author explains this topic with the help of sample code.