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1)   Sending E-mail with .Net, the Easy Way
Sending E-mail with .Net, the Easy Way is the article demanding the purpose of sending emails, how to attach files, how to send HTML messages and solutions to overcome the frequent problems while sending emails.
  2)   Scheduled Email Reports
This tutorial is about scheduling the email reports. The main highlight of this article is that this application can work according to the webmasters configuration to whomever they wish their email reports to be sent.
  3)   Send Email - ASP DotNet
This tutorial gives the webmasters the method of creating their ASP.NET page and then describes the art of sending emails with the help of ASP.NET.
  4)   Sending Emails Through Outlook using C# and VB.NET
This tutorial clearly states the method of appending your email in Microsoft outlook express. Using VB.net or C#, the webmasters could write functions, which is given as example.
  5)   Sending Email From ASP.NET Pages, a Complete Example
Sending emails using ASP.NET is possible, which is illustrated in this article by authors along with explaining about the email encoding, priority, attachments and email format.
  6)   .NET MIME Parsing Component
It is an ASP.NET email application which can be integrated into any web server for performing various process like processing emails, accessing various email messages programmatically, parsing emails and more.
  7)   aspNetPOP3
This is an ASP.NET email server component through which users can send and receive email messages from the POP3 server programmatically with the help of ease-to-use interface.
  8)   Active Mail
It is an ASP.NET email application through which user can send templated emails in queues. This has the facility to receive, modify and add email messages with the help of multiple protocol.
  9)   Active Data Online ElectronicMail
It is an ASP.NET email applicaton which offers various functionalities like SMTP, POP3 and MIME for generating and sending emails from users websites.
  10)   Aspose.Email
Aspose.Email is a composing and Smtp sending component with advanced features like Mail Merge, objects embedding, logging, monitoring, smtp configuration.The latest release Integrated all of the features of Aspose.Mime into Aspose.Email;etc.