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Top 201-250 ASP.NET scripts at Programsdb.com
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201)   How do I use the RequiredFieldValidator?
This is a simple article in which author discusses about requiredfieldvalidator and its functionalities, which checks the form fields, whether the users filled the required field with the regular format.
  202)   Securing Your ASP.NET App Against Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Attacks
This tutorial deals with preventing ASP.NET applications from Cross Site-Scripting attack. This will be useful for the administrators to secure their visitors information.
  203)   Cobol for Microsoft .NET
It is a tutorial in which the author helps you to know about developing applications in cobol using .NET. The author clearly explains the installation procedure for cobol in .NET and offers the sample code for developing applications in COBOL.
  204)   Who is going to benefit from the Web Services phenomenon?
In this article the author has analysed the advantages of dealing with multiple vendors and gives his suggestion on how to choose and deal with multiple vendors.
  205)   HttpCompileException Class
This is a simple tutorial which helps you to know about the use of ASP.NET HttpCompileException class. The author lists you all the properties of this class with its return type.
  206)   IntelliVIEW – Interactive reporting for real time enterprises
IntelliVIEW is a .NET reporting system which generates interactive reports. This .NET reporting system can be integrated with java and COM applications.
  207)   Resource Bookings
Resource Bookings is a program built on ASP.NET that allows administrators to maintain booking access for any resource as they want. This will be useful for any organization that wants to take control over resource booking.
  208)   Gagnon-Harper Chart
CHART DATA like never before... Create "ch-ART" - your own virtual masterpieces!
  209)   URL Rewriting with ASP.NET
URL Rewriting with ASP.NET is the concept discussed in this online tutorial. The author clearly explains this process by providing procedures one by one.
  210)   WinLIKE Web Window Manager
WinLIKE Web Window Manager is an useful application for web browsers. This window-manager displays and administrates various overlapping of windows and no need for any plugins for the users on your screen.
  211)   Bind a Datalist to a Remote XML File
This is an user friendly article in which author demostrates the process of combining a XML file remotely to a datalist or datagrid. The author tells about the method of fetching remote RSS files and the method of clustering this file into the database as an example.
  212)   Active Server Image
Active Server Image is a graphical component used to create charts. The user can draw charts very easily.
  213)   Creating RSS feeds for your web site
This tutorial tells about the RSS and the method of generating RSS feed for the web site. XmlTextwriter class is used in this article to create RSS markup. This article is very useful for the webmasters to create RSS feeds for the web sites.
  214)   Displaying Hierarchical data with the ASP.NET Data Grid
This is a tutroial for the novice to learn about how to create a parent-child relationship between two related tables and display the data from the two tables in the datagrid control. You can get the full source code in this tutorial.
  215)   Create And Delploy A WebService Using C#
This online tutor teaches the programmers to create a new web service by using C sharp. Definitions given in this article are quite simple to perceive.
  216)   Enterprise Blocks Web Site
This is a database application based on .NET through which users can develop various web applications. This tool provides full web control, windows services and web services for generating various object oriented applications.
  217)   Configuration Overview
This is an article in which the author talks to you about the ASP.NET configuration system. The author explains you the five qualities of the configuration system.
  218)   Multiselect from a listbox in .NET
This ASP.NET tutorial provides an easy way to display multiple items that are to be selected in a listbox control. This tutorial also helps you to know about how to add the data from the database in the listbox control.
  219)   What to expect from Microsoft's Web Services Enhancements
This is an online ASP.NET reference for the MS's architecture for different kinds of web services like the general, standard, federated, modular and composable web services etc.,
  220)   VB.NET - I Want My SDI
This is an useful article for the VB.NET programmers. The latest version of Visual Basic programming supports multiple document interface for its IDE which helps the developers to build attractive and powerful applications.
  221)   Web services: Messiah or mirage?
The author in this article has analyzed the merits and demerits of web services in online applications. This is an useful guide for all webmasters who develop and organize web services.
  222)   Microsoft’s Clout Drives Web Services
Microsoft’s Clout Drives Web Services is a simple article where you will find some of the dictums of professional experts in the field of web service adding credit to MS web based technologies like .NET.
  223)   Action Tags
This is an article through which you can know how to create action tags in C#. Action tags are used to seperate the functionality of an action from its user interface. You can create these tags using the base class System.Web.UI.Control.
  224)   Use "Lazy Instantiation" in .NET to optimize performance
It is an article which concentrates on lazy instantiation which helps in eliminating unwanted session object using properties in the classes of ASP.NET application.
  225)   Introducing Microsoft DotNet
This article gives an introduction of Microsoft DotNet. It elaborately describes the language, new programming model and more which is more useful for the users.
  226)   PRB: Ad Rotator Error Occurs When AdUrls Contain an Ampersand (&) Symbol
Among lot of errors in debugging, this tutorial explains the solution for one particular error which is discussed by the author. This error is due to an ampersand symbol in the AdRotator webforms. The author have given a solution to this type of error through this tutorial.
  227)   Creating a Text Box Server Control with Color Highlighting
It is a web based tutorial which helps you to create a text box with color highlighting feature. This text box is useful to enhance the attractivity of web applications. The author clealry shows how to test this custom text box control.
  228)   Catch those textboxes
Catch those textboxes is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about altering the textboxes' background color in web forms.
  229)   HttpParseException Class
It is a web based tutorial in which the author tells you about the ASP.NET HttpParseException class. This class involves the exception that is thrown when a parse error occurs.
  230)   ASP.NET "Whidbey" Overview
This article shows the new version of ASP.NET which includes the significant new features which defines a new level of functionality.
  231)   FlashMovie WebControl
It is an article through which you can know more about the FlashMovie web control of C#. The author gives you the sample program which shows you how to create the flashmovie control and how to add variables and properties such as AutoLoop, AutoPlay, MovieHeight, MovieWidth etc., to this control.
  232)   An overview of new features in VB.NET compared to VB 6.0
It is an article which deals with the comparison of various new features between the VB.NET and VB. This article can be utilized by the VB programmers.
  233)   Creating Data Bound Grid Dymanically - Using hidden labels to store additional data
This is an ASP.NET tutorial that helps in creating datagrid control dynamically. Datagrid control is used to display the data in rows and columns.
  234)   XML, the DataSet, and a DataGrid
XML, the DataSet, and a DataGrid is an article which shows an easy way of displaying the contents of the XML documents in a datagrid control using dataset object. You can see a live demo in this article.
  235)   TreeWeb - custom ASP.NET control
This article helps you to know how to add the items of the tree web control of ASP.NET. In this article the author lists you all the properties and methods of the TreeElement and TreeWeb class.
  236)   ASP.NET Caching Features
This is a tutorial in which users can learn more about caching technique, its advatages and its methods like output caching, fragment caching and data caching.
  237)   Adapt Your Web Architecture for .NET
The main concept behind this online tutorial is about the adaptation of Web architecture for .NET. The author shows about how the business could prosper because of n-tier architecture.
  238)   Using Images and Files with SQL Server: Part 2
This is a tutorial in which the author clearly shows you the method of fetching the Sql Server database image and displaying it on the Html page using the BinaryWriter method. This tutorial offers you the complete sample code which helps you to perform this operation easily.
  239)   An Examination of .NET and How and Where ASP.NET Fits In
This is a web based article in which you can get the details of the .NET technology. ASP.NET is platform independent and so it is portable. While ASP.NET pages use blocks of HTML like classic ASP page and it has many Web controls for desiging the web pages.
  240)   See why VB.NET is the classiest VB of all
In this article the author compares both Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic.NET and explains you the new features that are added in VB.NET. This article describes you about the changes in defining classes, constructor methods, custom property etc.. of the VB.NET.
  241)   Gate to Delegates in VB.NET
This tutorial dictates the programmers about the new feature implemented in VB.NET i.e- "Delegate" and the author describes about the functionalities of delegates in this tutorial briefly.
  242)   Selling Management On Migrating To .NET
This is a .NET article in which author describes about how to migrate management system to .NET applications. This article gives various suggestions for the programmer about why the management have to migrate to .NET.
  243)   DataGrid with Multiple DropDownLists
This is a tutorial through which users can get more information about the datagrid with multiple dropdown list. This tutorial is helpful for the novice.
  244)   Implementing Role Based Security in ASP.NET
In this tutorial the author guides readers to learn about providing access rights to the users on role basis. The author of this tutorial covers this process on utilizing Windows and also customized roles for authorization.
  245)   pinSplit
pinSplit is a program that comes with the ability to split HTML pages or to merge several HTML frames into a single web page of ASP.NET websites.
  246)   Dispose Pattern
This article discusses about the use of Dispose pattern in .NET framework when freeing foreign resources which are used as external to class like database connection, file handles etc.,
  247)   Calling COM Components from .NET Clients
This is an online article in which the author helps the users to learn about .NET clients and the way it fetches the information from COM server. This also helps the users to understand about the runtime-callable wrappers.
  248)   ADO.NET Series - Executing Action Queries
This is a simple tutorial through which you can execute the action queries using the ExecuteNonQuery method of the SqlCommand class on your database applications in ASP.NET. You should use the ExecuteNonQuery for the action queires since it does not return any result.
  249)   Helper Function
This is an useful tutorial for the novice to know how to display images in the datagrid control, display currency with two decimal points and change the font color from the functions that has been defined in this tutorial.
  250)   MenuSuite™ - ASP.NET Menu Server Control And Visual Designer
ASP.NET Menu Server Control and Visual Designer Suite for Website Navigation.

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