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Top 51-100 ASP.NET scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   SetFocus .NET Training
SetFocus .NET Training is a place where people can gather more knowledge about .NET framework. This will be useful for the learners to develop their knowledge right from the fundamental issues of .NET.
  52)   .Net DataAccessLayer
This database tool helps user to manage both data input and output services. Supported databases are Oracle, SQL server and supported requests of this database are, GetData, savedata, excutescalar methods etc.,
  53)   Make Every Web Page Printer-Friendly
This article is one of the resourceful article which helps the webmasters to prepare their webpage more printer friendly. In this the author explains how to change the webpage more printer friendly by which the client could download the page in a printing sheet.
  54)   Power Ad Banner Manager
Power Ad Banner Manager is a program built on ASP.NET which can be used by the webmasters to have an ad management system on their websites. This powerful application allows users to display several types of advertisements on their websites.
  55)   ASP.NET Email Forms
This script is used for making an email form for the web developers on their website in no time. It has drag and drop facility and hence it is easy to install. No programming knowledge is required.
  56)   Tutorials:Using Microsoft Message Queues to built scalable solutions
This article give you idea of how to handle messages, like creating a new message and sending ect., using MSMQ from the .NET base class library.
  57)   Accessing Caller ID from the Web - Part 3
This tutorial obviously implements the detailed information about how to access caller ID from the web applications on ASP.NET. It instructs the users in step by step mode.
  58)   Authenticate Web Service Client - An ASP.NET Web Application
This tutorial educates the beginners about how to access authenticate web service client for securing web service from spammers. Screenshot and sample codes for easy reference has been given.
  59)   POSTing Data with ASP.NET
It is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author demonstrates about using post protocol for converting the page scraping. This protocol allows the users to submit their details in the sites and also helps in retrieving the results from the websites.
  60)   RichTextBox
This user friendly tutorial teaches the method of adding RichtextBox for the ASP.NET pages, which helps in adding WYSIWYG text editor along with it.
  61)   Modifying Web.config using Web Site Administration Tool (WAT) in ASP 2.0
This is an online tutorial that contributes to readers on modifying web.config file. This tutorial will be useful for the ASP.NET users to manage configuration settings in ASP.NET 1.x.
  62)   Simple Business Object in VB.NET
This is a very simple article dealing with business objects created in VB.NET. The author shows the complete process of generating the business objects along with its sample source code.
  63)   GDI+ : Brushes
This is an easy to understand tutorial in which the author demonstrates the procedure for utilizing this GDI+ brushes to fill the images with gradients and color.
  64)   AI Flash'In
AI Flash'In is a simple tool which helps users to add flash movies on their web applications. You simply add the properties of the movie in the parameter and it will create an attractive movie. This software is written in ASP.NET.
  65)   Content Management using XML and XSLT
Content Management using XML and XSLT is the tutorial, tells about using XSLT and XML, how effectively the training content could be marked for various targeted document types.
  66)   Using a PagedDataSource and your own data pager links
It is a simple tutorial in which the author gives details about page data source class, which helps bind just the data you want to display.
  67)   Handling Custom File Downloads in ASP.NET With Server
This useful tutorial teaches the process how to create a download function to handle downloading of files from the web server with the help of ASP.NET.
  68)   Scarlet Chart
Scarlet Chart is an easy to use chart program that creates various charts. You can add the data through SQL query, dataset object, stored procedure and XML file to draw the charts. This program is written in ASP.NET.
  69)   Creating sitemap of a website
This article clearly explains you the method for creating a sitemap of your wesite. From this article you can get a sample source code which you can use on your site.
  70)   Updating a Row
Updating a Row is a tutorial which helps you to update a row in the datagrid control using the edit button that is created in each row of the datagrid control.
  71)   Generate .NET Code With XSLT
This is a simple tutorial which teaches the method creating .NET codes by using XSLT. The author gives details about basic principles of performing XSLT processing in .NET framework.
  72)   iisPROTECT
iisPROTECT is an ASP.NET based authentication program. This helps the user in password protection, web authentication and user management solutions etc.
  73)   Using the WebClient Class to grab data from other sites
This article explains about using the webclient class, how to collect data from other websites and how to return those data into their own webpage.
  74)   Apoc XSL-FO
It is an ASP.NET application through which users can generate documents in PDF format. It offers functionalities for creating documents in PDF.
  75)   EasyListBox
EasyListBox is a program which can be utilized by the webmasters to include drop down lists to their web pages. This is a highly customizable utility which is based on ASP.NET.
  76)   Realtime Stock Quotes into Excel using .NET
This is an article for displaying current stock quotes in Excel with the help of .NET framework. This tutorial comes with sample codes for a better reference.
  77)   Color Table
This tutorial offers the programmers details about various colors Hex values and color property, this can be used as a reference, while programming.
  78)   ASP.NET DHTML Menu
ASP.NET DHTML Menu generates hierarchical DHTML menu for web sites.
  79)   Digger for .NET
Digger is a program based on .NET that can be used by the users to include a game to their ASP.NET applications. This is an easy to use program.
  80)   .NET MIME Parsing Component
It is an ASP.NET email application which can be integrated into any web server for performing various process like processing emails, accessing various email messages programmatically, parsing emails and more.
  81)   Simple country dropdown component
The main theme of this online tutorial is about how to generate a country dropdown component. The author tells the users to create a DLL in which a reference to be added to it.
  82)   Windows Forms Panels: Part 2: Anchoring
This tutorial concentrates on anchoring process which helps in resizing when the Windows form application changes. Here author tells about the advantages of using anchoring process to resize the page.
  83)   An Introduction to Working with XML in .NET
This is an user friendly tutorial which gives basic concepts of working with XML in .NET framework. The author gives details about two APIs which help in accessing the data found with in XML documents.
  84)   Programming C#: Working with Arrays
It is an easy to understand tutorial in which author deals with arrays in .NET. This tutorial teaches the procedure for sorting, searching and setting the values in the array.
  85)   System.Web Namespace
This tutorial gives you a brief explanation about the System.Web namespace of ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author lists you all the classes, enumerations, interfaces and delegates of this namespace.
  86)   Aspose.License
Aspose.License allows administrators to have a licensing system for their software products on their websites. By using this program they can manage the license fields in all aspects.
  87)   Manipulate IIS in .Net
This article teaches the programmers how to manipulate IIS in .NET applications. This article helps the users to provide Active Directory for IIS manipulation included with LDAP and WinNT.
  88)   aspNetPOP3
This is an ASP.NET email server component through which users can send and receive email messages from the POP3 server programmatically with the help of ease-to-use interface.
  89)   WSH Objects
This is a learning site which is used to learn about objects of WSH. Explanation has been given using example for quick reference.
  90)   ASPRunner.NET
ASPRunner.NET creates set of ASP.NET pages to access and modify any database.
  91)   devcity.net
devcity.net is a website that offers articles and discussions on .net programing related subjects.
  92)   Mono Dialogs
Mono Dialogs control provides MessageBox and InputBox controls to your ASP.NET applications. Programmers are now free from manually coding client-side script to create message boxes.
  93)   Upload a File to a Web Server in ASP.NET by Using Visual Basic .NET
This tutorial deals with uploading a file to a web server using VB.NET. Here you can learn about creating a ASP.NET application and its code-behind files.
  94)   Displaying the Files in a Directory using a DataGrid
This is an ASP.NET article that explains you how to list all the files of a directory in a datagrid control. This article shows how DirectoryInfo class and Directory class is used to get all the file names in a directory.
  95)   Consuming an RSS Feed with ASP.NET
Consuming an RSS Feed with ASP.NET is a tutorial in which the author explains about checking how to use an RSS feed through an ASP.NET Website. The RSS fundamentals are also discussed in this article.
  96)   Caching Oracle Data for ASP.NET Applications
This tutorial deals with data caching feature that stores frequently accessed data in the oracle database which helps in improving the performance of ASP.NET application.
  97)   A .NET Trilogy
This is an article which tells about the creation of an application which shows data. A Web browser is used to collect the data in ASP.NET.
  98)   MTS Transaction
MTS Transaction explains about the operation of transactional method in .NET supported database. Supported transactional attributes has been explained in this site.
  99)   Assemblies: The Ins and Outs - Part 2
This article helps the webmasters to know about assemblies and its types. The author shows the art of generating a shared assembly. Few utilities for working with assemblies are discussed by the author in this tutorial.
  100)   BKAudio
BKAudio is a program that enables webmasters to include their ASP.NET applications with sounds. This program is based C# and comes with several enhanced features.

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