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1-50 ASP.NET scripts at Programsdb.com listed alphabetically
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1)   "Analog" clock in ASP.NET
"Analog" clock in ASP.NET is the tutorial through which the author reveals about the display of an analog clock with the help of system drawing functions and draw line method. It displays the system time accurately.
  2)   .Net DataAccessLayer
This database tool helps user to manage both data input and output services. Supported databases are Oracle, SQL server and supported requests of this database are, GetData, savedata, excutescalar methods etc.,
  3)   .NET Delegate Event Model vs COM Connection Points
This article can be used for learning how .NET delegate event model helps the users to handle event model using COM connections. Tutor has given example for the learners.
  4)   .NET Development Strategies: Is COM Dead?
This CLR article discusses about the status of the COM object when the .NET CLR is arrived. .NET depends on the Common Language Runtime to generate the common Language called Intermediate Language. This is an useful article.
  5)   .NET Framework and Web Services - Part III
This tutorial teaches about methods that have to be followed to establish web services. For each task example code has been shown on this site to allow users to test on their system.
  6)   .NET MIME Parsing Component
It is an ASP.NET email application which can be integrated into any web server for performing various process like processing emails, accessing various email messages programmatically, parsing emails and more.
  7)   A .NET Trilogy
This is an article which tells about the creation of an application which shows data. A Web browser is used to collect the data in ASP.NET.
  8)   A DropDownList for U.S. States and Canadian Provinces and Countries
A DropDownList for U.S. States/Canadian Provinces and Countries is an interesting article that discusses about the dropdownlist box that is preloaded with U.S. States and Canadian Provinces. This tutorial also shows you the sample code for creating the dropdown list box with this list.
  9)   A Fast-Track Guide to ASP.NET
In this ASP.NET tutorial the author discusses about the problem that arise when you convert html controls to the server side. In this tutorial the author shows you the use of various ASP.NET server controls. This tutorial also lists you the four main features of ASP.NET.
  10)   A walk through of Windows Service Controller
This article gives details about the Windows service controller. This tutorial explains the users about the service controller class which in the .NET framework can help the web developers to generate instances and connect with any windows service specifically.
  11)   Accessing Caller ID from the Web - Part 3
This tutorial obviously implements the detailed information about how to access caller ID from the web applications on ASP.NET. It instructs the users in step by step mode.
  12)   Action Tags
This is an article through which you can know how to create action tags in C#. Action tags are used to seperate the functionality of an action from its user interface. You can create these tags using the base class System.Web.UI.Control.
  13)   Active Data Online DiscussionBoard
Active Data Online DiscussionBoard is a program built on ASP.NET with which website administrators can construct and manage enhanced online forum on their websites.
  14)   Active Data Online ElectronicMail
It is an ASP.NET email applicaton which offers various functionalities like SMTP, POP3 and MIME for generating and sending emails from users websites.
  15)   Active Data Online GroupCalendar
This is a powerful script which helps the users to administer events, tasks, schedules, etc., for both the groups and individuals. This program supports unlimited entries and requires MSSQL or MSACCESS database.
  16)   Active Mail
It is an ASP.NET email application through which user can send templated emails in queues. This has the facility to receive, modify and add email messages with the help of multiple protocol.
  17)   Active Server Image
Active Server Image is a graphical component used to create charts. The user can draw charts very easily.
  18)   ActiveX Logging system for ASP/Net
Hi-performance text file logging for ASP/VBS/VBA applications. Lets you create daily/weekly/monthly log files with variable number of logged values and extra timing and performance info.
  19)   Adapt Your Web Architecture for .NET
The main concept behind this online tutorial is about the adaptation of Web architecture for .NET. The author shows about how the business could prosper because of n-tier architecture.
  20)   Add a Checkbox Control to the DataGrid Control
This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial in which the author shows how to add the checkbox controls inside the datagrid control. You download the sample source code for this process.
  21)   Adding Variables To Style Sheets
This article is with a solution for those who were really fed up with implementing variables in CSS. This tutorial describes the implementation of variables in CSS to create the style sheets on the web server. The author proves that this is very simple to execute in ASP.NET with HTTP Handler.
  22)   ADO.NET Series - Executing Action Queries
This is a simple tutorial through which you can execute the action queries using the ExecuteNonQuery method of the SqlCommand class on your database applications in ASP.NET. You should use the ExecuteNonQuery for the action queires since it does not return any result.
  23)   AI Flash'In
AI Flash'In is a simple tool which helps users to add flash movies on their web applications. You simply add the properties of the movie in the parameter and it will create an attractive movie. This software is written in ASP.NET.
  24)   All About .NET
This is an article through which you can gain more information about the features of .NET technology. The author says that .NET framework is purely OOPS based and it is portable. The .NET Framework contains a collection of tools and compilers that helps you to make a productive environment.
  25)   An Examination of .NET and How and Where ASP.NET Fits In
This is a web based article in which you can get the details of the .NET technology. ASP.NET is platform independent and so it is portable. While ASP.NET pages use blocks of HTML like classic ASP page and it has many Web controls for desiging the web pages.
  26)   An Introduction to Visual Studio .NET Whidbey
This tutorial gives an introduction on Visual Studio.NET whidbey and the instructor discusses different categories regarding to whidbey technologies.
  27)   An Introduction to Working with XML in .NET
This is an user friendly tutorial which gives basic concepts of working with XML in .NET framework. The author gives details about two APIs which help in accessing the data found with in XML documents.
  28)   An introduction to XML, XSL, and ASP.NET
It is a simple tutorial in which the author describes about the basic principles of XML, XSL, and ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author gives detailed descriptions about several classes, which helps to access and work with XML data.
  29)   An overview of new features in VB.NET compared to VB 6.0
It is an article which deals with the comparison of various new features between the VB.NET and VB. This article can be utilized by the VB programmers.
  30)   Apoc XSL-FO
It is an ASP.NET application through which users can generate documents in PDF format. It offers functionalities for creating documents in PDF.
  31)   Application Architecture for .NET: Designing Applications and Services
The main content of this online article is about the design level direction for the .NET architecture. By the end of this article the webmasters could update their knowledge in application architecture for .NET.
  32)   Ask the DotNetJunkies: DataList Paging
This is an ASP.NET article which provides you the solution for accomplishing the paging behavior in the datalist control. The author shows you the sample code for both datagrid and datalist control.
  33)   ASP.NET "Whidbey" Overview
This article shows the new version of ASP.NET which includes the significant new features which defines a new level of functionality.
  34)   ASP.NET & Databases : Part 7
This is an useful ASP.NET article for the readers to know about how to sort the data of the datagrid control with the help of the DataView object. You can see the sample screen shots for the datagrid control and sorting operation both in ascending and descending manner.
  35)   ASP.NET Caching Features
This is a tutorial in which users can learn more about caching technique, its advatages and its methods like output caching, fragment caching and data caching.
  36)   ASP.NET DHTML Menu
ASP.NET DHTML Menu generates hierarchical DHTML menu for web sites.
  37)   ASP.NET Email Forms
This script is used for making an email form for the web developers on their website in no time. It has drag and drop facility and hence it is easy to install. No programming knowledge is required.
  38)   ASP.NET Guestbook using MS Access
This tutorial gives an idea to the webmasters about how easy and simple to create a guestbook with the help of ADO.NET and MS Access. The author narrates the background for creating this guestbook along with its sample page.
  39)   ASP.NET ListEditor in C#
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes about ListEditor, which helps in updating, loading and saving XML list in the file system and also helps in data transformation between server and client by using data-transfer format.
  40)   ASP.NET Sort Array of Classes
It is a simple tutorial in which author describes the procedure for sorting the values in array through the QuickSort or BubbleSort algorithm.
  41)   ASP.NET Tutorial Detect Browser Capabilities
It is a web based article in which author describes the procedure to detect the users browser facilities. The author explains about HttpRequest.Browser Classs and the method of utilizing it.
  42)   ASP.NET Validation Controls Samples For Beginners
ASP.NET Validation Controls Samples For Beginners is a tutorial in which author discusses about various validator, which helps in validating the form controls. The author explains about each validator control and where to use these controls in the elements.
  43)   ASP.NET Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution : Deploying the Site
This is an useful tutorial for the programmers to learn to organize ASP.NET website and the author offers solution for choosing the best technique for deploying ASP.NET website.
  44)   ASPMultiChat .NET
ASPMultiChat.NET is an effective chat tool which handle unlimited number of users and chat rooms. You can increase sales by means of online customer service using this application and it provides both internal and security.
  45)   aspNetPOP3
This is an ASP.NET email server component through which users can send and receive email messages from the POP3 server programmatically with the help of ease-to-use interface.
  46)   Aspose.Email
Aspose.Email is a composing and Smtp sending component with advanced features like Mail Merge, objects embedding, logging, monitoring, smtp configuration.The latest release Integrated all of the features of Aspose.Mime into Aspose.Email;etc.
  47)   Aspose.License
Aspose.License allows administrators to have a licensing system for their software products on their websites. By using this program they can manage the license fields in all aspects.
  48)   Aspose.Pdf
Aspose.Pdf is a .Net Pdf document reporting component which enables you to write Pdf documents without utilizing Adobe Pdf. The latest supports processing for GIF and PNG;etc.
  49)   Aspose.PowerPoint
Aspose.PowerPoint is a .Net reporting component which enables you to read and write PowerPoint presentations without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint.The latest version added Exporting slides to SVG (Enterprise edition);ect.
  50)   ASPProtect.NET
ASPProtect.NET is a .NET based user management system that comes with the ability to enable password security for all .aspx pages.

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