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Top 1-17 XML scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Extensible Markup Language (XML) and C#
The .NET Framework uses XML extensively. The Framework Class Library (FCL) provides an extensive set of XML-related classes. Much of Visual Studio's internal implementation also employs XML. In this paper, we introduce XML, XML-related technologies and key classes for creating and manipulating XML documents.
  2)   FEX F-Cart Paypal Standalone
Never was so easy and fast to sell with Paypal.
  3)   XML Data Mediator
XML Data Mediator is an useful software that allows webmasters to perform conversions between XML and structured data formats by creating valid tree structures.
  4)   Basic XML and RDF techniques for knowledge management
This article explores knowledge management with XML by illustrating techniques for populating Resource Description Framework (RDF) models with data from existing XML formats. The code samples included, demonstrate how easy it can be to jump-start knowledge management with RDF in the development game
  5)   XML Schema Quality Checker
This program that takes as input of XML Schema written in the W3C XML schema language and diagnoses the improper use of the language. The diagnostic message includes a suggestion about how to make the fix where the appropriate action to correct the same is not obvious.
  6)   XML DB Schema Interpreter
This is a class which handles your database schemas, stores them as an XML file and to use the class to parse the file and execute the SQL that is generated.
  7)   XML Tutorial at Zvon
Selected XML features are demonstrated in this tutorial through many examples which can be downloaded for off-line use
  8)   Using XSLT for content management
This is the first article of "Working XML", that demonstrates the evolution of full-fledged XML applications. This introduces XM (XSLT Make), which is a simple and affordable Web publishing content-management solution that takes advantage of XML and XSLT.
  9)   XMLPitstop.com
XMLPitstop.com is a community of XML information. There is also a forum.
  10)   XML Quik Builder
XML Quik Builder is an intelligent GUI processor, which can create, validate and save XML data files for a given schema. It can compile XSD to check for validity. This script can also validate XML data file against XSD on already laid down specifications.
  11)   Krysalis Platform
Transform XML documents into XHTML with PHP and XSL
  12)   XML Tutorial at Zvon
Selected XML features are demonstrated in this tutorial through many examples which can be downloaded for off-line use
  13)   Ektron eWebEditPro+XML
This is a .NET content management component with web content editors. This tool helps in generating and managing the content of the XML database in the website and also it supports for creating HTML / XHTML content in the webpage.
  14)   An introduction to Xquery
This article introduces the W3C's XQuery specification, which is moving towards “recommendation status”. The complex specification consists of six working drafts. It provides history, a road map into the documentation, and an overview of some of the technical issues involved in the specification.
  15)   EditiX (for Linux/Unix)
EditiX is a cross-platform powerful and easy to use XML editor and XSLT debugger
  16)   How the IBM Web Services Compares With Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
Provides a high-level overview of both development environments and tools in the IBM Web Services Development Environment and Toolkit and in Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
  17)   XMLMaker
XMLMaker is a code generator that can create DHTML Grid for general users and dynamic XML/XSLT-based Websites for developers in no time.