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Top 1-50 Remotely Hosted scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Boardnation Free Forum
Boardnation Free Forum is an efficient online ad free discussion board forum service provider that provides all webmasters with advanced administration tools.
  2)   myYaBB Forums
myYaBB Forums is an online discussion board software with which website visitors will be able to post topics for online discussions through the available forums.
  3)   eCrater.com: 100% Free Online Web Store Builder
eCrater.com offers free web store builder. You can easily customize and run your own web store. Customers also receive a free hosting, free subdomain and a powerful admin tool to manage their stores. Automatic post to froogle is also included.
  4)   ezboard Gold Community Message board
ezboard Gold Community Message board is an online remotely hosted discussion board software that allow admins to integrate it on their website to enable users to post messages.
  5)   EB Suite Web Based CRM - Marketing Automation
This is a web based Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software that helps your marketing team by laying a strong foundation for making their follow up calls successfull. It contains various features to automate the tasks of your marketing team.
  6)   adRevenue Text Ad Network
It is the advertising platform of choice, if you're interested in ROI. It is designed so advertisers or affiliates can start in a few minutes with simple signups and easy JavaScript or XML integration into webmaster's sites.
  7)   .DR.AG URL Redirection
This is a URL redirection service where you can change the lengthy URL of your web pages to a shorter and easy to remember one by selecting a domain name from a list of pre defined domain names.
  8)   Dwipage Guestbook
Our Guestbook is the perfect way to let your visitors leave a public message for you. Simple, but powerfull, so you don't need programming knowledge and you can setup for less than 1 minute. No ads, no pop up. Easy to setup and edit. Put your own logo and background.
  9)   Free Search Engine Submission Tools For Website Optimization
It contains several tools which helps webmasters to build their successful web pages. Those tools are completely free and it has tutorial section which guides users to build their site.
  10)   Meta Tag Scanner
This is a powerful meta tag scanner that has the ability to scan all your webpages so as to improve your web page elements. This is an easy to use program.
  11)   BFN Guest books
Fully customizable guest book, with many features.
  12)   HostedPHPScripts Guestbook
HostedPHPScripts Guestbook is a guestbook program which permits the users to add comments in the guestbook. This script can be easily handled and installed by the users.
  13)   RentCalendar
RentCalendar is a simple remotely hosted application which helps you to display the availability of your holiday properties on the web. This application comes with powerful admin panel.
  14)   Activetopic
This tool offers a remotely hosted shoutbox that can be placed on your site.
  15)   Poll Gear
Poll Gear is an easy to use remotely hosted polling system that helps site visitors to register their votes. This program adds interactivity to a site.
  16)   BFN Countdown Timer
Add a countdown time to any HTML document. Customizable time-zone
  17)   CB4
Features of CB4 include instant signup, unlimited number of different advertiser programs, up to 16 different banner images per advertiser, optional automatic advertiser campaign activation date,etc.
  18)   Myhomepage.com
Myhomepage.com is a web site which helps you to build your web site with enhanced features. This website provides you a strong shopping cart system, email feature, 450 professional design templates, photo albums, image library etc.,
  19)   Website Toolbox - Webmaster Tools
You can add interactive tools to your website with Website Toolbox - Webmaster Tools . Each tool is completely customizable and banner-free and no programming knowledge is required.
  20)   E-storefront
With the help of this hostetd e-commerce solution, creation and maintanance of storefront, product catalogs, shoppers, payment processing, product inventory and several other works concerned with internet business can be done effectively.
  21)   eZ publish CMS
This is an open source content management software based on content management framework. This program helps users to create and maintain contents on the websites.
  22)   iPasswd .htpasswd password generator
iPasswd .htpasswd password generator acts as a password generating tool online to protect the files that has secured contents and needs to be protected.
  23)   Masti message board
Masti message board is a simple and efficient discussion board software that allow website visitors to post topics for online discussions through the available forums.
  24)   FreePop3
This is a remotely hosted web based email system with anti-spam and anti-virus protection to provide plenty of POP3 email boxes for the users.
  25)   backBlog
backBlog is a remotely hosted program and is an online feedback system that helps users to allow their site visitors to post messages on the websites.
  26)   Online Messenger Service
This free online messenger service lets you see who is visiting your site right now. Installation is very easy just add 8 lines of HTML to your site.
  27)   MyOwnCams
MyOwnCams is a script and a communication service program which acts as a remote hosted web cam for the online users. This script provides several functions for the users.
  28)   eCatalog Order
eCatalog Order would be adaptble for all kind of companies of any sized to integrate their online store with the power of this remotely hosted i-trading application. Presenting products, controlling inventory, providing customer service can be done in real time.
  29)   Redirect It
This is a URL based redirection program with which you can run a redirection service on your website. This will help your customers to build the name branding thereby increase their revenue.
  30)   Cool Marquee Hit Counters.
Cool Marquee Counters with Message Display. No PHP and MySQL Programming needed. Just copy and paste the HTML Script.
  31)   Uptilt Message Boards
Uptilt Message Boards will be greatly useful to the website owners to build an online community system for their users, visitors to interact with other people. Administrator has full power to control user accounts, message data, etc.,
  32)   LanMail
LanMail is a email program that permits the users to create several email accounts which has a control through the admin interface. This script provides admin security for the users.
  33)   UserInteract Live Support Pro
This is an online customer support system through which you can provide live chat session on your website which will build the relationship with your customers and to serve them immediately. It will be helpful for you to support your website visitors and to monitor your website.
  34)   Flamebook.com
Completely customisable guestbook with user defined entry fields, custom inline field validation, intuitive HTML template system, ip blocking, profanity filtering, BB code support, emoticons, custom thank you emails, ability to edit and delete existing entries and much more.
  35)   iTopsites
You can start and run your own online topsite list with back office administration through which you can add and edit user groups for your topsite.
  36)   SiteAdditions
SiteAdditions is a collection of hosted modules that helps you to maintain included appropriate modules such as image manager, event calendar, membership system, etc using given features.
  37)   Community Message Boards
This is a hosted message board solution. It takes no programming knowledge and only about 15 - 30 minutes to set-up and link a CoolBoard to your website. This also offers business solutions option, which provides highly customized message board and community solutions to larger and more sophisticated companies.
  38)   Calendars On This Site
Calendars On This Site provides hosted event and booking calendar system to help you maintain your web based calendar wizard. Events can be displayed without any advertisements, pop-up windows etc., Any number of assigned events / bookings can be shown on specific dates.
  39)   Sell Downloads
Sell downloads online on your site and Ebay using PayPal. We provide instant download of your product to your cusomters. Our links are secure and expire after download. You accept payment directly in your PayPal account. You can sell mp3, photos, software, ebooks, games calling cards etc.
  40)   Simple Web Forms
This script is used to create a form on the website. Users can add several features like event calendars, email newsletters, forms to collect and display information etc., without making any change in the websites current hosting provider.
  41)   AdvertSERVE
AdvertSERVE is a remote-hosted instance of the ad management program, AdvertPRO. It is designed for clients who want to use AdvertPRO, but who's server will not run it locally.
  42)   Apoogee.com on-line store
A world class online business site can be implemented by using this remotely hosted shopping cart software. Several incorporated features helps to manage your product inventory, merchant accounts, and sales.
  43)   Refer-A-Buddy
Refer-a-Buddy is a script which can be used as a recommendation tool for any website. In this script the webmasters can have the option to select the colors and styles to be easily customized.
  44)   Kidows
Kidows is a complete management and administrative tool for schools. It can be deployed over intranet as well as Internet for enhanced communication.
  45)   Sycamore Office
Sycamore Office provides a web based application to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness in team work for your organization. It contains a lot of features like project management, time tracker, human resource etc which will improve the productivity of the staffs in your office.
  46)   FREE iBrowse web search
Free web search for your site. No advertising banners, pop ups or pop unders.
  47)   BFN Mailing list
BFN Mailing list is a email program which maintains the mailing list of the subscribing visitors. This script allows the users to send periodic messages for the entire list.
  48)   XpenseTracker.com
XpenseTracker.com is an online program for scheduling budget and tracking expense for family or room mates. The users can make a good budget for their expenses.
  49)   ServiceEngine
ServiceEngine will be greatly useful for webmasters and e-traders to offer support to their customers at a minimum CRM cost. It can be used to create multiple online interactive tools such as knowledgebase, automated self-service, etc.,
  50)   SiteSpotting
SiteSpotting is an easy to use online web statistics analyzer tool. Using this tool you can generate various reports such as Web traffic analysis reports, Page View analysis reports, Visitors Demographics analysis reports etc.,

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