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Top 1-8 Python scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   OpenRPG
This game which is released under GPL including some d20 system specific game tools is a suite of tools for online and tabletop gaming
  2)   Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server
Nuxeo CPS is the web content management solution for Zope. Users create and manage content in Workgroups and publish them in Publications spaces. Nuxeo CPS also features office document integration, indexing, and conversion to HTML format; versioning; attached comments; interactive services (e.g. mailing-lists); and skinning of hierarchies.
  3)   Cyphx
You can use this script to encrypt and decrypt text files. This is a handy tool for all webmasters in securing their web contents.
  4)   Functional programming in Python, Part 2
This column continues the introduction to functional programming (FP) in Python. The introduction to different paradigms of program problem-solving demonstrates several intermediate and advanced FP concepts. Article includes code snipets.
  5)   Introduces the Python xml_pickle object
As part of the ongoing quest to create a more seamless integration between XML and Python, this article presents the xml_pickle module. The author discusses the design goals and decisions that went into xml_pickle and provides a list of likely uses.
  6)   Python Hyperschema
Python Hyperschema is an open source public domain project that creates useful HTML hypermaps from SQL database schema, consisting of two small PL/SQL files and one Python (or C) source code file.
  7)   webframework
This is a work in progress tool which can be used to simplify the web applications
  8)   FutureQuest Inc
With an honest service and public message forums as the foundation, FutureQuest has built positive relationships with the site owners, in addition to providing a way for the site owners to give and receive valued input regarding the development hurdles they may encounter, as well as the servers they share.