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Top 1-50 PHP scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   LedForums
LedForums is a simple message board in PHP and MYSQL with a single moderator for each forum to post topics. This board is very fast providing several customizing options.
  2)   Simple PHP Guestbook
With the help of this program users can integrate a simple PHP based guestbook on their existing websites to collect comments or information from their site visitors.
  3)   GBook
With the help of this software you can design a dynamic guestbook application for your website where visitors can sign up and post their messages for you.
  4)   phpBB Support
phpBBSupport.co.uk is a team that guides and supports the web designers about phpBB. Users can make use of phpBBs wide knowledge base.
  5)   PHP Guestbook
PHP Guestbook is a php program and a guestbook which is easy for installing guestbook. It requires webspace with PHP support.
  6)   ExplodingAccess - Invision Board Powered Members Area
This is a PHP script that hepls you to manage your security tools effectively. It activates invision baord database and allows your special members to access the restricted areas. password supports special characters and many cases.
  7)   RAHA Sports Management
This is a web-based sports league administration tool built using open-source technologies like Apache, MySQL and PHP. RAHA Sports Management supports any type of sport.
  8)   Max HitBot script: Fake hits generator
Send unlimited fake hits to any website.
  9)   PHP Login System with Admin Features
This is an online tutorial which briefly discusses about PHP login system with admin features. It helps them to provide their site with user authentication feature.
  10)   POPMail
POPMail is a PHP script created for web based emails.This script is a POP3 client to send and check your mail.It is developed to send mails from a website.
  11)   GuestPro Guestbook System
GuestPro Guestbook System is an online guestbook application in PHP enabling site visitors to post their suggestions on the book along with their name and contact details.
  12)   Sarzeau Guestbook
Sarzeau Guestbook is a PHP software which is integrated with MySQL that enables the users, visitors, members on a website to post their own comments, events, opinions through user friendly interface. Supports emoticons, image icons with message posting.
  13)   Phpauction.org: auction and e-business solutions
An integrated set of scripts that will assist in building successful web sites and increase business and sales.
  14)   SEO Meta Keywords Auto Generator
This script is intended for automated grab and placement of the most recently popular keywords into metadata of your site. Thus rising up relevance of your site in search engine systems and Page Rank in Google.
  15)   PHPMailList
PHPMailList is an announcement script allow customers to subscribe and unsubscribe from the mailing lists through the web-based forms by checking the validity of mail addresses.
  16)   PAYA schedule
PAYA schedule is a calendar and schedule manager program with multi user support. It is beckended by database (mysql, postgresql, oracle, mssql, etc).
  17)   ZWS Newsletter and Mailing List Manager
ZWS Newsletter is a php application for creating and managing e-mail newsletters with subscriber mailing list.
  18)   Ham Guestbook - A Spam-bot proof guestbook
Ham Guestbook is a clean and free, PHP/MySQL, CSS driven guestbook script and is 100% spambot-proof.
  19)   Waddlesoft Message Board
This is a message board in PHP and MYSQl database that requires apache server. This board is easily customizable and is simple in its integration. Without any password the users can login from localhost into this message board.
  20)   class.resize_pic.php
class resize pic php is a simple program for resizing thumbnail images written using PHP. The script requires GD library or Image Magick for uploading the images or pictures.
  21)   Creating a Mail Form with PHP and Flash
Codewalkers.com offers a tutorial on making a contact form using the programming language PHP and flash.
  22)   UKi board
UKi board is a Php and Mysql based message board. This board consist of forums to post topics for discussions.This board is unique in providing wall papers for the registered users in specific sizes and by availing various themes packs for customising.
  23)   Counter and Referer Script
Counter and Referer is based on PHP Script that can display the number, how many times a particular page has been visited and it can be displayed either in the format of text or graphical image. Supports several language files.
  24)   Download Anti-Leech Script
Download Anti-Leech Script is a script built on PHP and it helps the webmasters in protecting their folder which lets the people to download files from it.
FEDEX CLASS FOR PHP is a built in PHP script that can interact with one and only fedex servers.
  26)   X-Forum
X-Forum is a discussion board. Users can modify and create the categories within the the discussion board.
  27)   4CM_GuestbookPro
4CM_GuestbookPro is a php program that allows users to post messages alon with name, email, URL, aim, ICQ, YIM, location and a national flag in the guestbook. Smilies can be added with the messages posted.
  28)   abarcar Simple BarGraph
abarcar Simple Bar Graph is a simple PHP script to display results as bar diagrams. No grid required. The bar graph displayed is HTML based diagrams.
  29)   J.A.G. (Just Another Guestbook)
J.A.G. (Just Another Guestbook) is a guestbook php program that has a simple and a neat interface for you. This script provides links to edit and delete messages from notification mail.
  30)   How to place a random image
This tutorial helps to know how to generate the random gallery. The sample function shown on the web page makes it clear and easy to do this task.
  31)   The lost guestbook
The lost guestbook is a php program that permit users to post comment date and comment time on the website through a web browser. Simple to handle and install for users.
  32)   ClickStatistics
This is a simple PHP script that counts clicks from your site links. It is capable of counting raw and unique clicks divided by days. For the backend it uses the MySQL database so the system overhead is minimum even on big sites.
  33)   sitemap.php
Sitemap.php is an application that generates a tree like navigation menu of all directories and web documents of your webserver. This script automatically determines the exact place of the subdirectory in the server.
  34)   UseBB
UseBB is a simple online discussion board in PHP designed for small and medium sized communities to allow users to post topics for online discussions through forums.
  35)   Scratch and Win Game
Give away prizes on your web site using this PHP and Flash game. Easy to use admin area allows for easy changes of game settings.
  36)   Hangman
Hangman is a PHP scripted gaming program fun to play. In this game you have to choose a letter from the given alphabet and form a word which the computer thinks and finish the word within the stipulated chance, or you loose the game.
  37)   Bab3vil's Guestbook
This is a mysql script. with nice style, big function and very useful for who don't have guestbook.
  38)   Simple Board
You can use this 'Simple Board' program to create your own message board with editable public pages from the password protected admin area.
  39)   DL's Guestbook
This program is used for making a guestbook on the website. Webmasters can use this program on their website for sending and receiving comments to their website visitors.
  40)   Quasars Images
Quasars Images is a professional Picturemanager with many useful Features. Manage Themes, Users (Groups), Files and Filetypes, System-Settings, Database, Categories, send E-Mails and more.
  41)   Mailer MX
Mailer MX is a great tool to allow you to send out a large number of emails to your newsletter or ezine list.
  42)   World Best Edate - Social Networking Portal Script
E-Friends makes it easier for your members to communicate with the people they know, as well as friends of friends that they have not meet before.
  43)   Magia Classifieds
Magia Classifieds is a software in PHP and online classified advertisement solution, where users can post and browse ads. This script uses MysQL database backend.
  44)   Clipboard: surveys in seconds
Clipboard is an user-friendly PHP program which is useful for taking surveys from different people by collecting their Email and displays the results to them instantly. This program can be used on your web sites for getting number of hits to increase your revenue.
  45)   Bens Guestbook
Bens Guestbook is a guestbook program based on php where users are allowed to leave the persons name, email, and to make comments that they would like to add. Simple to use.
  46)   Dynamic Picture Frame
Dynamic Picture Frame is a PHP based script that allows you to add an unlimited variety of picture frames to choose from the drop down list box for any size of images on your website.
  47)   Advanced blogs, guestbooks, messages boards submitter
This is an useful script written using PHP that can be used to increase the traffic to your website. It can also be used as a promotion tool or to increase the link popularity of your web site.
  48)   eZ publish Content Management System
eZ publish is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System and development framework with functionality for web publishing, intranets, e-commerce and more.
  49)   Simple Picture Gallery Manager
Simple Picture Gallery Manager is a PHP script that can be used to display pictures in the web in a neat gallery. It requires a GD library and displays the pictures with the help of CSS system and can be viewed in a slideshow mode.
  50)   Build a Search Engine in PHP in 30 Minutes
Build a Search Engine in PHP in 30 Minutes is a tutorial that helps users to build a php/Mysql based intra site search engine in 30 minutes. This program is a real time search engine with no indexing.

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