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1)   Using the EVAL method
This little ASP article comes with the sample program from which you can understand the benefits of Eval function in strings to evaluate mathametical expressions.
  2)   Replacing bad words in a string
One of the string manipulation tutorial that educates you how the bad words in the ASP form page can be removed or replaced by implememting the string array functions.
  3)   Concatenate strings in sql
It is an easier means of ASP online learning resource through which you can learn the steps needed to add a string with a query result in SQL and MS Access database.
  4)   Converting between Binary and Decimal
Binary and decimal data functions are clearly explained through this web based learning material that describes the ASP technology to fulfill the binary to decimal conversion and vice versa.
  5)   Filtering Arrays with Filter
It has an detail demonstration about filtering particular words in a single dimensional array using ASP snippet through VBScript array and string functions.
  6)   Display all active session variables
From this online ASP learning course, you will come to know the ways to collect all the session variables in your ASP application programs.
  7)   ASP Random Code Generator
Creation of random codes using string functions can be learnt through this ASP article which will be widely useful in order numbers, random password modules.