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1)   Do While...Loop
The beginners in ASP programming can learn this online tutorial to get several information on conditional structure to implement specific process within ASP applications.
  2)   Using Includes
Aim of this tutorial is to help you to write your code in a standard way and instincts the need of 'includes' within the source code to utilize them for code repetition.
  3)   Conditional Statements: Case Statements
Differnences between IF THEN and Case statements are described briefly in this online tutorial that clearly demonstrates how the conditional process is carried out using Case statement.
  4)   If Then Else Statements
How to implement conditional statements within ASP scripting is elaborately described through this tutorial and is more userful for the beginning level coders in ASP.
  5)   Operator Summary
A wide information on JScript Operators can be learnt quickly from this tutorial which lists all logical, arithmetic, bitwise, and assignment operators in JScript with detailed decription along with their symbols.
  6)   Referencing Windows in JavaScript
How to implement the pop-up window to show information to the users or enabling them to input some data in new window can be learnt easily through this online ASP article.
  7)   Including a file in a ASP page
All aspects of Include files are taught in detail via this online ASP article using which you can produce your code in ASP language effectively.
  8)   Print out the page's last update date
This online ASP tutorial describes the automatic process of displaying the last updation date on the ASP site pages.
  9)   IApplicationObject Interface
You can create components in your ASP programming using Application object and more details are available on this online tutorial to access them through IApplicationObject Interface.
  10)   VBScript Data Types
Data type is a core part in programming and this tutorial educates you about the 'VARIANT', the only data type in VBScript along with it's sub types to hold the values of string, numeric, logic etc.,
  11)   JScript Data Types
Five Data types in JScript to store values comes with proper definition to let you understand them easily and enables you to use them in your own applications.