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1)   SloppycodeVBScript Reference
This is an useful VBScript Reference which describes all VBScript tools. This tool shows all the functions, properties and events of the VBScript language with working examples of code.
  2)   HOW TO: Detect Which Version of the .NET Framework Is Installed in a Deployment Package
This article shows how to detect the version of .NET framework installed in a deployment package. It gives the functions and features of ASP.NET which is very helpful for the beginners.
  3)   ASP 3.0 Events
ASP 3.0 Events is a useful quick reference guide that describes all the 4 events provided with ASP. These events are explained clearly with examples.
  4)   Lewies Coding Standards
Lewies Coding Standards is an effective article that provides various solutions to the programmers to maintain an easily understandable code. It is always good to place all VB script and Java script files seperately from web pages.
  5)   View from the outside
This article gives information about ASP.NET. It describes about the intermediate language, common execuatable format, etc., which are very useful for the users.
  6)   ASP on UNIX
ASP on UNIX is an article that elaborately discusses about the methods to implement ASP on Unix platform.
  7)   VBScript 5.0 Objects
This advanced online reference helps you to know about all the objects of the VBScript language. Some key objects such as filesystem object, err object and text stream object are explained with resulting output.
  8)   What you get in .Net
This article describes about the category of ASP.NET. It has four categories. This article provides multiple web services associated with .NET.
  9)   Getting Started with ASP.net
This article will be very helpful for beginners of ASP.NET. This article gives website address to know the list of present and upcoming .NET titles.
  10)   JavaScript Functions
JavaScript Functions is a quick reference guide that allows programers to refer several javascript functions by providing descriptions and sample codes for each.
  11)   Your First Database
It is an ASP.NET reference tool through which users can get guidance to generate relational database application. This tool provides all the tips to generates various functions to develop various relational database management system in the users website.