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1)   Programmer's Resource Forum
Ask questions or share information about ASP Programming here at Programmer's Resource Forum.
  2)   ASP Messageboard - ASP Components
ASP Messageboard - ASP Components is a message board through which members can share their views on several topics related to ASP components.
  3)   ASP-Help.com Forum
ASP-Help.com Forum is an online discussion forum through which members can post their questions and coments related to databases, HTML, javascript etc.,
  4)   Miraplacid Forum
Miraplacid Forum allows members to share about web development in ASP, software development on various languages including java, Visual Basic, C, C#, C++ etc.,
  5)   ASP.NET Solutions Conference
This is an useful conference for all the .NET developers to share their ideas. This conference helps the beginners to understand the various technologies in ASP.NET. This conference also discusses about the XML web services.