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Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts after name please click here

1)   Pure ASP Whois
Pure ASP Whois is open source asp class that allows you to perform whois searches from any of your asp applications. It is totally free.
  2)   Active Socket
This is a network communication tool used to link your system with the surrounding systems or with the systems globally through internet. It uses TCP and IP protocols to pass data packets from one system to another system easily. Active socket allows independent protocols for network.
  3)   xCeed FTP Library
This tool is helpful for the developers which provides several useful functions of FTP to upload and download files on a remote FTP server which is enabled with FTP protocol. Users are also allowed to manipulate files and directories.
  4)   Majodio.HTTP
Majodio HTTP is an ASP component which is used to send and retrieve data under HTTP control pages. It uses several HTTP requests and responses for communication.
  5)   Digi Domain
This component is used to search against top level domains from whois server. This tool is helpful for the domain resellers and for Internet Service Providers.
  6)   ECS DNS
ECS DNS allows you to find out the IP address and host name. You can find out the IP address from a valid host name and vice – versa.
  7)   NetStreams
The NetStreams library is one of the latest to the new objects Active X with more utility objects. The main advantage of this NetStreams is that its objects helps to undergo operation applications for connecting to another node.