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1)   Upload file using IE without user interaction - VBA
From this article you can learn to upload files online without user interaction and to accept uploaded files in ASP. This is an useful guide for the webmasters in uploading files online.
  2)   DHTML File Explorer v1.1
IE File Explorer is a free DHTML based real-time file system exploration tool built on IE's powerful XSLT and XMLHTTP capabilities. Asychronous server-side navigation - no need for page refreshes. Intelligent real-time searching and sorting.
  3)   Tired of FileSystemObject? Use the Stream Object Instead
This is an online article containing some important tips for the webmasters in replacing the FileSystemObject with the Stream Object function of ASP.
ASPCACHE is an efficient tool that has been designed for maintaining the files on the ASP pages. This component performs cache and thread safe collection of files.
  5)   ManasTech MiniUpload
ManasTech MiniUpload is an efficient component that enables uploading of the files through a remote web browser to their websites. This component offers swiftness and compactness to its users.
  6)   ABCUpload ASP
ABCUpload ASP is an efficient component that enables the webmasters to upload the files through a web browser to the their webservers. This component is very simple and easy to use.
  7)   Enhanced Web Site Directory Browsing
This ASP program enables you to view and access the entire structure of your website directory along with the subdirectories without any restriction.
  8)   cASPer.BinaryString
This is an ASP based component that controls the code of the web application and processing with binary files and data.
  9)   i-File - Online Document Management System
i-File is an efficient online document management solution that can be used by the organizations to manage their documents in an efficient manner.
  10)   View Files and Folders in a dir
You can list all files and folders of your website directory with the size, type, path etc., using this simple ASP program. This program is easy to customize.
  11)   Web File Manager for Active Directory
Powerful web based file manager for IIS web servers. It's been designed to use secure NTLM authentication and it can automatically authorize users based on their security group membership. It provides an intelligent web interface and allows users remotely access their personal or common folders.
  12)   Single File System
This is an ASP based compression library component with the functionalities of encryption and advance compression. It offers compressing multiple files into single file. It has several attractive features.
  13)   Filester project, File manager
Filester project, File manager is an excellent web based application that can be used by the webmasters for their users to place web space for free on their IIS servers.
  14)   Always Updated Copyright
This article will help you to update the copyright of your website. The author of this article has provided simple and effective ASP code snippets for keeping the current patent.