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1)   Clog the Spam Machine
From this online ASP lesson, you will be able to protect your email addresses from email spammers, grabbers etc., effectively by creating similar fake email addresses.
  2)   aspWebMail
Web based email client designed to function like a standard desktop email client.
  3)   ASP Web Pro - CDONTS
The functions of CDONTS component with sending emails in ASP form can be learnt through this tutorial. Enables you to create ASP form and email object to mail the form data.
ANPOP POP3 COMPONENT is an efficient component that can be used by the webmasters to send and receive mails based on POP3 protocol from their ASP applications. This component offers high performance.
  5)   EmailArchitect Email Server
EmailArchitect Email Server is an efficient server which can be used by the webmasters for enhancing their email applications. This server supports all major protocols like SMTP, POP3, HTTP, Webmail etc.,
  6)   ANPOP POP3 COM Object
ANPOP is an advanced POP3 COM object to retrieve and parse email from ASP or VB or other COM environment application.
  7)   Scheduled Email Reports
Scheduled Email Reports is a tutorial that details on creating schedular which can be used for email reporting. This provided program will function with the help of XML file.
  8)   Email A Report with WSH
You learn the uses of Windows Script Host to send reports, emails on scheduled time to the persons of your choice. Describes how to set the scheduler in windows control panel briefly.
  9)   Sending a User's Feedback to the Webmaster in an Email
Webmasters and learners in ASP programming can get benefits from this online ASP tutorial to know how feedback results can be got via email forms from users.
  10)   Click&Email
Click&Email is an advanced and very easy and flexible to use ASP script for mailing Newsletters and managing Subscribers. This system supports unlimited Newsletter groups which can belong to other websites or making a distinction, e.g. clients, suppliers, etc.
  11)   Marketing through Personalized Emailing
This article explains the need of personalized emails to be sent to your customers and tells the way how to implement it through ASP and SQL server. Within 6 steps, everything has been given in detail.
  12)   Catalyst Internet Mail control
The Catalyst Internet Mail ActiveX control enables developers to easily integrate e-mail functionality within their applications. The control implements the standard protocols for sending, receiving and composing Internet e-mail messages.