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1)   ASP Forum Script
ASP Forum Script is an article that discusses about building database driven online forum script for ASP supported websites.
  2)   POP Forums
POP Forums is a forum program where the users can post or reply messages in the forum. The members have the ability to email other members through online form.
  3)   01forums
01forums is a powerful program that helps administrators to build and manage an online forum on their ASP supporting websites. This program allows administrators to have any number of forums.
  4)   Alivesites Forums
Website administrators can utilize Alivesites Forums to build and manage a full featured online forum on their website. They can allow their members to share their views on various topics by using this program.
  5)   Mayja Forum
Mayja Forum is a program which permit the users to post threads or messages in the forum. This program allows users to make a reply for the threads posted.
  6)   CodeHungry Bulletin Board
CodeHungry Bulletin Board is a program which allows the users to generate forums for posting messages. The users have the ability to remove and edit forums.
  7)   ASPThread
aspThread is very simple and easy to use, you can develop forums in minites. It is GUI based. You can use CSS to customize the look and feel.