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1)   Date and Time Functions
This is a tutorial that shows the method of using the functions to date and time formatting. Some of the examples are described in this tutorial.
  2)   Date Manipulation
This tutorial that shows the portion of the date with the datepart such as first day of month, first day of week or optional parameters.
  3)   User Tip: Obtaining the Last Modified Date of an ASP Page
This tutorial helps users to display the last modified date or time of any of their files. Users will just have to place the code on pages to know the modified date and time of that page. This tutorial is more useful for the programmers.
  4)   Ron's Hard Tutorial of the month
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of date and time with ASP Script. It also describes about the function of FormatDateTime.
  5)   Calculating intervals between two dates
This is a tutorial which shows the functions of DateDiff. It gets back the value of intervals inbetween two specified dates.
  6)   Playing With Dates
Pacos Drivers offers tips on Playing With Dates.
  7)   How to convert http date to OLE(VB/VBS) date
This is a tutorial which shows the way to transform the HTTP date into OLE date. Some of the examples are given in this tutorial to show the way of conversion of HTTP date to OLE date.
  8)   BlackBytes TimeZoneConverter for .NET
The TimeZoneConverter for .NET provides classes that enables you to create time zone reference and convert current time from any time zone to other time zone and track the local time.