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1)   Pagination to columns for large query
This online tutorial discusses about the pagination to columns for large query. The author explains this concept with an example through this article.
  2)   Online database administration tools
This is a powerful online database administration tool that allows users to add their entries, update or remove it from the database online.
  3)   Showing data from a database
The main topic discussed in this online tutorial is about showing data from a database. The author explains with an example in this article.
  4)   Update Records
This tutorial is useful for the database managers which provides them several tips to enhance their database with updating facility to edit records whenever necessary.
  5)   DbNetGrid
This is an ASP based online encapsulated component that can be integrated in any web site for database control. This component provides search, add, delete, navigate, sort, update, upload, link, and many attractive features.
  6)   Web Database Sample
This simple online tutorial is all about the Web database. The author gives a sample web database with its features. This article helps the developers in their web projects.
  7)   Optional SQL Stored Procedure Parameters
This tutorial demonstrates about the optional SQL stored procedure parameters with example to the users. It explains each step in a simple way.
  8)   Using Disconnected Recordsets
The main core of this online article is about working with disconnected Recordset. The author explains the importance of this disconnected Recordset and about how to build it.
  9)   Manage database table on a Single page
It is a web based tutorial in which users can learn about creating and maintaining database table with in a single page. ASP programmers can make use of the sample code by downloading it from this article.
  10)   Building Web-Based Database Applications Using RDS and ASP
Building Web-Based Database Applications Using RDS and ASP is a tutorial that guides users to create web based database applications using the combination of ASP and RDS by providing detailed explanation and sample codes.
  11)   Generic Database Record Insertion Script
This utility is used as a guidance tool by the developers which teaches and steers them to insert records into multiple database tables.
  12)   Using SQL to query and return search results
This tutorial guides the users to create their own searching tool on their webpage or database to retrieve results quickly.
  13)   Delete Record
This tutorial shows clearly how to delete the records using the recordset object. This tutorial explains it with an example code to the users.
  14)   Examining a File Existence on the Server
This online tutorial describes the method of checking a file existence on the server. The author explains about the process with an example and the sample source code.
  15)   A Generic Database Web Editor
This is an article which concentrates on administering a database with the help of an web based program. This is a simple program but weak on security. The author advices to adapt extra security measures.
  16)   How to Get Identity of New Record
This simple article shows how to identify the new record number at the time of adding a new record. The author explains this with an example.
  17)   Utilizing the INNER Join
This article explains about how to work with SQL database and how to make an ASP page interact with SQL server to store data using SQL statements.
  18)   Create an ASP SQL Stored Procedure
Users can use this article as a guidance tool and for quick reference which helps the users to create an ASP SQL stored procedures.
  19)   ADO Command and Stored Procedures - Introduction
This database teaches and discusses about how to design stored procedures and also explains use of ADO command object with SPROC.
  20)   Advanced Recordset Cloning
This online tutorial is about the advanced Recordset cloning. The author explains about the oRS.CLONE method of Recordset. The author shows how to change the Recordset into a format which could be used easily.
  21)   Count Records
This tutorial demonstrates users about how to count the number of records in the recordset object. This tutorial does not use the count() funtion to count the number of records.
  22)   Extracting a record in accidental way
This online tutorial shows how to extract a record. The author explains few examples of extracting a record in VBScript.
  23)   Juggling data from recordsets, to arrays, to tables
This article mainly deals with moving the data from recordsets to array or to the tables. The author explains the entire process with an example.
  24)   Transactions in ASP
This article guides about database transaction method briefly and it has given sample code to test on database table.
  25)   Fun With Stored Procedures
This tutorial teaches the users briefly and completely about stored procedures. After referring this tutorial users can easily write, get and call stored procedures from database in ASP pages.
  26)   Case Study: Storing, Querying, and Analyzing Performance
This tutorial helps the users to make query, response and store records on their database using stored procedures.
  27)   Three methods of opening an ADO Recordset
The webmasters can learn about three important methods to open an ADO recordset and query details from the database through this online tutorial. The sample source code is available along with the article.