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Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts after name please click here

1)   Free Chat script
Free Chat script is a tutorial that guides users to create a chat system on their ASP supported websites. Users can easily follow the provided sample code to create their own chat system.
  2)   ShoutBox In Flash with or without database
ShoutBox In Flash is small 18 kb of swf which allows users on your site to interact with each other.
  3)   ChatSpace Instant Messenger
This is an application that provides instant messaging facilities to users websites. This program supports file attachment along with the messages.
  4)   LiveChat
LiveChat is an easy to install live chat application written in ASP and VBScript. It features moods, users online, and more.
  5)   ANEI-Chat
The ANEI Chat component is another IRC client that is accessed through a web page using only HTML. Many companies and ISP may block IRC clients for reasons of security or company policies. Our Chat component allows those users to still access IRC rooms by only requiring http access between the client and the Web Server. Many users can access these pages directly or through Proxy Servers. ANEI has designed this software to only require that user have a web browser and no other client side software.
  6)   PortaChat
It is a web based chat application which is build in HTML, ASP and in javascript in client side. It can be used to provide support for your clients or customers online at anytime anywhere.This chat application increases number of hits and web traffic.
  7)   Chat Bot
This is a little database driven ASP chat bot that simulates a conversation with a sales assistant, etc.
  8)   FlyLip Website Chat
FlyLip Website Chat is fully coded using ASP language which enables people to contact / chat each other through web based interface. Bad word filter and smile icons helps to chat effectively.