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1)   dgCalendar
dgCalendar allows to custom calander with very simple steps. You can specify or select the calander period. Also able to customize the look and feel by selecting the required display parameters.
  2)   Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod
Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod is a web based calendar program based on ASP. Users can use this program for event scheduling.
  3)   webCal
webCal is a full featured calendar for the web designed with ASP. Features include: Support for multiple users, including a web based user manager, Events may be designated public or private, Scheduled events can be configured as recurring (daily, bi-weekly, etc.), Entering dates in the edit form is
  4)   Web-Calendar Lite
Web Calendar Lite is a free ASP calendar application with a user-friendly interface. You can add and delete entries. Uses an Access 2000 Database.
  5)   Ocean12 ASP Calendar Manager
ASP/Access 2000-based full featured calendar manager program.
  6)   Sepcity Event Manager
This script is used for creating a web calendar by the webmasters on their website. This tool is helpful for business administrators to manage their departments by adding certain events and it has complete customization facility.
  7)   ASP & ASP Calendar from VisualASP
With this application you can add a calendar in your web. You can view multiple Months View's on one page. Supports multi languages.
  8)   ASP Web-Kalender
This is an ASP-based calendar application. It features: Server component - output is perfectly independent pure HTML, of the Browser type of the Clients, Versatile configurable full CSS support, and Individual items such as days or months link to the detail events.
  9)   ASP Inline Calendar
Now this software helps the web administrators to set the calendar events very easily. Through this the webmasters can track the events and modify the events registered by the clients.
  10)   XcCal
XcCal is an Active Server Page script application that displays a simple calendar on a web page. It shows the current day highlighted. It can be fully integrated into your website and maintain a 100% seamless look.
  11)   Creating an Event Calendar
Creating an Event Calendar is a tutorial that discusses about building event calendar on the ASP based websites. Author guides users by providing sample codes.