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Top 101-150 ASP scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   PortaChat
It is a web based chat application which is build in HTML, ASP and in javascript in client side. It can be used to provide support for your clients or customers online at anytime anywhere.This chat application increases number of hits and web traffic.
  102)   An ASP Tutorial to create your own Database driven Search Engine
In this ASP tutorial author discusses about generating a database driven search engine for your website. This article will be helpful for the webdevelopers and the webmasters.
  103)   ANEI-MD5
This is an ASP and VB version of the RSA-MD5 signature-hashing algorithm. ANEI-MD5 allows you to obtain a 32 digit signature for any text string or file.
  104)   Sepcity Event Manager
This script is used for creating a web calendar by the webmasters on their website. This tool is helpful for business administrators to manage their departments by adding certain events and it has complete customization facility.
  105)   HOW TO: Detect Which Version of the .NET Framework Is Installed in a Deployment Package
This article shows how to detect the version of .NET framework installed in a deployment package. It gives the functions and features of ASP.NET which is very helpful for the beginners.
  106)   Concatenate strings in sql
It is an easier means of ASP online learning resource through which you can learn the steps needed to add a string with a query result in SQL and MS Access database.
  107)   Dreamweaver Virtual Shopping Ecommerce Plus
Dreamweaver Virtual Shopping Ecommerce Plus is a powerful ASP program offering templates for constructing instant web based e-stores.
ANPOP POP3 COMPONENT is an efficient component that can be used by the webmasters to send and receive mails based on POP3 protocol from their ASP applications. This component offers high performance.
  109)   EmailArchitect Email Server
EmailArchitect Email Server is an efficient server which can be used by the webmasters for enhancing their email applications. This server supports all major protocols like SMTP, POP3, HTTP, Webmail etc.,
  110)   Active Socket
This is a network communication tool used to link your system with the surrounding systems or with the systems globally through internet. It uses TCP and IP protocols to pass data packets from one system to another system easily. Active socket allows independent protocols for network.
  111)   Weblog ASP
This is an ASP based websites traffic analyser program used for displaying the websites regular traffic report to the web administrator. It tracks and gives entire information about the site visitors.
  112)   Buildapp
Buildapp is a tutorial that discusses about creating web or database applications using MS Access database. Users can find detailed explanation and sample code for better understanding.
  113)   Full-Controlled Matrix Affiliate Program System
A Full-Controlled Matrix Affiliate System design to maximize affiliates productivity. Available in Access or MS SQL database and includes: multi-level 7 tiers, downline/upline network tree, anti-fraud system, extensive administration tools & reports...
  114)   WAP with ASP - starting the WAP adventure
This is a good tutorial for beginners to start with ASP and WAP, the author clearly explains all the essentials needed to start with WAP programming.
  115)   Best ringtones affiliate program
Available as Php and Asp scripts. Easy setup and great flexibility.
  116)   Adserver Solutions
Ad Server Solutions is an ASP based software that allows webmasters to facilitate their site with banner ads to market their customer products online.
  117)   DocuSafe
It is a database driven system which take full control of the companies documentation. This makes the company ahead in the market and there are many enhanced features which makes the company different from the competator.
  118)   Reciprocal Link code
It is an ASP application which provides certain codes which helps in detecting for other URLs which link with the users website. User can utilize this code by downloading this code into their site.
  119)   Installed Objects Scanner
Installed Objects Scanner is a program which allows the users to test their IIS webserver for the components that have been installed.
  120)   NetLogin Lite
NetLogin Lite is a program where the user can secure their webpages or websites with password. This program is useful for the websites which requires username and password.
  121)   Deal with empty tables
In this online tutorial the author explains about connecting to a database. The author explains about dealing with empty tables as the main hightlight of this article.
  122)   Miraplacid Forum
Miraplacid Forum allows members to share about web development in ASP, software development on various languages including java, Visual Basic, C, C#, C++ etc.,
  123)   SiteSecurity
SiteSecurity allows user authentication and management for websites running on Internet Information Server (4.0+). SiteSecurity can also be used in along with SSL to transmit user credentials securely.
  124)   A Real-World Example of Caching Data in the Application Object
How to implement caching techniques within ASP programming can be learnt effectively through this online ASP tutorial that discusses in detail about application-level variables to access website content.
  125)   ASPReferral
It is a rererral management program that rewards the Webmasters for sending visitors to a website. The reward can be on a per click basis or a per sale basis.
  126)   gee! FAQ Manager
Share answers to common questions. Manage FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) effortlessly. You can setup different types of FAQs, each displaying different questions and answers.
  127)   The FileSystemObject: Folder Object
A descriptive explanation is provided in this online tutorial about ASP Folder Object of FileSystemObject which will be more useful to implement the folder based tasks within ASP scripts.
  128)   MyInfo Component
This article tells about MyInfo Component which helps in storing personal information of the user from the web server.
  129)   Media Content Management Music-Review
This is a content management program in ASP where users can create and manage a music reviewing website. Users can add, modify or delete contents from a easy to use web based control panel.
  130)   Only4Gurus - Hundreds of Useful Microsoft Resources
Free technical documentation for download about ASP, ASPX, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET, Active Directory, C++, C#, Visual Studio, Data Access, BizTalk, Security, Data Mining, BI, Peer2Peer, PocketPC, Tablet PC, Mobility, SQL, TSQL and even more.
  131)   Polar Knowledge Base
With Polar Knowledge Base ASP application, you would be able to offer customer service without any operational cost. Clients on your organization can get required information in no time.
  132)   Alivesites Link Management
Alivesites Link Management is a program based on ASP using which website administrators can manage all their categorized links in a perfect way. Webmasters can customize the entire look and feel by the use of CSS.
  133)   N2D AspGUID
N2D Asp GUID is a tool through which you can create unique strings. You can easily install this tool in your system by copying and registering it in your system.
  134)   ANPOP POP3 COM Object
ANPOP is an advanced POP3 COM object to retrieve and parse email from ASP or VB or other COM environment application.
  135)   From PetShop to Production: An ASP.NET and Windows Server 2003 Real-World Scenario
Learn how the team that built the infamous .NET PetShop applied the high-performance ASP.NET strategy to a real customer. See how their ColdFusion site was ported to a new site based on the architecture ideas from PetShop on Windows Server 2003.
  136)   Real Estate Web Application
An easier and efficient way to conduct your real estate sales can be found with this ASP software, Property listings can be included in mass number and be viewed / searched with more conditions.
  137)   Storing Web Application Variables
The steps needed to retrieve timestamped applicaiton variables and data and to save them in a database is clearly taught in this tutorial where the code snippets provide the functions, methods in functionable format.
  138)   Random Quote
Random Quote is a program built on ASP that can be utilized by the webmasters to allow their visitors to view different quote each time they visit their websites.
  139)   FEDEX, USPS, UPS - all rates simultaneously!
Combinable FEDEX, USPS, UPS is a program template that you can configure to return all shipping rates, already sorted ascendingly by shipping cost, that you can present as a "form-select" pulldown menu or a RADIO BUTTON selection from FEDEX, USPS Domestic. UPS - ALL AT THE SAME TIME!
  140)   PCS WebGantt
PCS WebGantt© allows you to define your project schedule and then create a Gantt chart that graphically displays your timeline. The resulting chart is pure HTML -- no client-side controls or components are required! The chart will also display in virtually any version of any web browser!
  141)   Chat Bot
This is a little database driven ASP chat bot that simulates a conversation with a sales assistant, etc.
  142)   Hello WAP world!
This tutorial shows how to display text over the screen of WAP devices using WML language.
  143)   Links Manager
This is a ASP based program that helps users to maintain site link page. Users can edit or remove links in real time from any browser. When a dead link is found this program replaces or removes it automatically.
  144)   PropertyManager
PropertyManager is a program based on ASP using which real estate agents can allow their customers to view the properties on the websites. This program comes with several features including search functions.
  145)   Using Access in ASP.NET - Introduction to the Repeater Control
Learn the difference ASP and ASP.NET, the basic ASP.Net and much more with this website.
  146)   ASPBridge Include Control
ASPBridge Include Control is a .NET web server control through which you can execute ASP pages in ASP.NET framework. Using this component you can obtain values in ASPX session from your ASP pages and vice versa.
  147)   User Tip: Obtaining the Last Modified Date of an ASP Page
This tutorial helps users to display the last modified date or time of any of their files. Users will just have to place the code on pages to know the modified date and time of that page. This tutorial is more useful for the programmers.
  148)   InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor
This is a browser based HTML editor and is developed in ASP that helps users to create and edit contents on the websites. This program features a dynamic WYSIWYG editor with an intuitive user interface.
  149)   CodeAvalanche GameSite
Asp content management system for online flash games site.
  150)   Statistics Server
Statistics Server is a Web site statistics software that generates live marketing reports by analyzing web server log files in real-time. It is perfect for Corporations and Web Hosting Companies that need live statistics analysis reporting.

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