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1-50 ASP scripts at Programsdb.com listed alphabetically
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1)   01forums
01forums is a powerful program that helps administrators to build and manage an online forum on their ASP supporting websites. This program allows administrators to have any number of forums.
  2)   20/20 Realtor
20/20 Realtor is an application for small to medium sized Real Estate firms. It enables them to publish and maintain property listings on their web sites using online forms and database management tools.
  3)   2eNetWorX dev Site
It is an ASP based online portal system which can be downloaded into your server and helps in developing new website. This site has functionalities like ASP scripts, database files, content management, and access 97 database.
  4)   A brief introduction to ASP components
It is a tutorial in which author explains about COM objects and its advantages of using it to specialize the functions for the users web applications.
  5)   A Generic Database Web Editor
This is an article which concentrates on administering a database with the help of an web based program. This is a simple program but weak on security. The author advices to adapt extra security measures.
  6)   A Look at ASP 3.0
Those who need to learn the new aspects in IIS 5.0 / ASP 3.0, can utilize this online tutorial for fast and easier understanding.
  7)   A Real-World Example of Caching Data in the Application Object
How to implement caching techniques within ASP programming can be learnt effectively through this online ASP tutorial that discusses in detail about application-level variables to access website content.
  8)   ABCEventLog
ABCEventLog is a server program which allows the users to log events on their database server from their web server.
  9)   ABCUpload ASP
ABCUpload ASP is an efficient component that enables the webmasters to upload the files through a web browser to the their webservers. This component is very simple and easy to use.
  10)   AbyssLabs.Settings
Provides some methods to save/restore/enumerate/delete application settings in the Windows registry.
  11)   Access ASP Application object from a remote script
It will be quite possible for the ASP developers to let their ASP applications to access the application data from any environment like VBA, WSH etc., by going through this online ASP tutorial.
  12)   Active Server Pages - Introduction
The fundamental working principles of Active Server Pages is illustrated with easier understandable diagrams on this ASP tutorial which lets you learn the interaction between VB and ASP.
  13)   Active Socket
This is a network communication tool used to link your system with the surrounding systems or with the systems globally through internet. It uses TCP and IP protocols to pass data packets from one system to another system easily. Active socket allows independent protocols for network.
  14)   ActiveBitmapSize II
ActiveBitmapSize II is a powerful image manipulation software through which you can find out exact pixel and byte size, geometry for the images.
  15)   ADEX Registry
ADEX Registry enables application developers of Microsoft technology to enter the system registry from their application code. ADEX Registry has been designed using Microsoft ATL, allowing users fast access to the registry.
  16)   AdJuggler
AdJuggler is a ad management tool used to enable business persons to run a full advertising network. It is a powerful online ad serving and ad tracking tool.
  17)   AdMentor
AdMentor is a totally free ad rotator script written entirely in ASP. No binary components are needed on the server and no super-power database engine either.
  18)   ADO Command and Stored Procedures - Introduction
This database teaches and discusses about how to design stored procedures and also explains use of ADO command object with SPROC.
  19)   Adserver Solutions
Ad Server Solutions is an ASP based software that allows webmasters to facilitate their site with banner ads to market their customer products online.
  20)   Advanced ASP Template Parser
This is a ASP based template editor and content parser that helps users to add contents on their websites from external websites. This program supports remote, local and database records for templates.
  21)   Advanced Mail
Advanced Mail lets you send e-mail from your web pages. It provides support for the most popular e-mail objects: Persits AspEmail - Cdonts - CdoSys - Dimac JMail - Soft Artisan SMTPmail - ServerObjects AspMail.
  22)   Advanced Password Protection
Advanced Password Protection is a program which allows the users to protect their websites with passwords. The users account can expire by date.
  23)   Advanced Recordset Cloning
This online tutorial is about the advanced Recordset cloning. The author explains about the oRS.CLONE method of Recordset. The author shows how to change the Recordset into a format which could be used easily.
  24)   Akmin's Online Site Creator
Online Site Creator is a user-friendly tool for developing websites for small and medium-sized enterprises. This product is for ISPs, ASPs, Dotcoms, Hosting and Web Design companies which can provide this service to their clients.
  25)   Alivesites Forums
Website administrators can utilize Alivesites Forums to build and manage a full featured online forum on their website. They can allow their members to share their views on various topics by using this program.
  26)   Alivesites Link Management
Alivesites Link Management is a program based on ASP using which website administrators can manage all their categorized links in a perfect way. Webmasters can customize the entire look and feel by the use of CSS.
  27)   Always Updated Copyright
This article will help you to update the copyright of your website. The author of this article has provided simple and effective ASP code snippets for keeping the current patent.
  28)   Amoeba Tools for Sun One ASP
This is an ASP based bundle of object which provide functionalities to do specific task in ASP. It has many useful features for the administrators.
  29)   Amstats
Amstats is an ASP based script which is used for tracking the website traffic accurately and regularly and gives the entire report up to date about the web users in statistical mode. It also transmits the information to mobile WAP systems.
  30)   An ASP Database Support Component
Here is an article which helps you to generate a component which performs complicated database processing and string processing. In this tutorial author offers you various methods to construct database supported component.
  31)   An ASP Tutorial to create your own Database driven Search Engine
In this ASP tutorial author discusses about generating a database driven search engine for your website. This article will be helpful for the webdevelopers and the webmasters.
  32)   ANEI-Chat
The ANEI Chat component is another IRC client that is accessed through a web page using only HTML. Many companies and ISP may block IRC clients for reasons of security or company policies. Our Chat component allows those users to still access IRC rooms by only requiring http access between the client and the Web Server. Many users can access these pages directly or through Proxy Servers. ANEI has designed this software to only require that user have a web browser and no other client side software.
  33)   ANEI-MD5
This is an ASP and VB version of the RSA-MD5 signature-hashing algorithm. ANEI-MD5 allows you to obtain a 32 digit signature for any text string or file.
  34)   ANPOP POP3 COM Object
ANPOP is an advanced POP3 COM object to retrieve and parse email from ASP or VB or other COM environment application.
ANPOP POP3 COMPONENT is an efficient component that can be used by the webmasters to send and receive mails based on POP3 protocol from their ASP applications. This component offers high performance.
  36)   Application Object
An useful online learning module that teaches about Application Object with clear explanation and lists the collections, methods and events of this object.
  37)   Applications By Smo
Applications By Smo consists of three applications, they are Login Database, News Database and Profile Database. These applications have been changed from their stand alone versions to work together.
  38)   Article Manager UK
Article Manager UK is a web based script for article management. It enables novice and advanced webmasters to update their websites.
  39)   Articles & Papers Package
Articles & Papers Package, is an ASP script which can be accessed through MS Access and has the capability to run through SQL. With this the designer can create an Article and paper package in database.
  40)   Artistry Online Tester
Artistry Online Tester is a program for easily creating and maintaining online tests. Artistry Online Tester can display any number of questions with multiple choices and can set maximum number of questions to show.
  41)   ASP & ASP Calendar from VisualASP
With this application you can add a calendar in your web. You can view multiple Months View's on one page. Supports multi languages.
  42)   ASP 3.0 Events
ASP 3.0 Events is a useful quick reference guide that describes all the 4 events provided with ASP. These events are explained clearly with examples.
  43)   ASP Banner Rotator
This script is built in ASP which is used for creating web pages with rotating banner ads. Banner details are stored in database and it queries the object from database for random image display on the banner.
  44)   ASP FlashQuiz
ASP FlashQuiz is an ASP based script, by using which users can post all their quizes and surveys on either page by page or on a single page of their websites.
  45)   ASP Form Input to HTML
This is a tutorial which shows the method of creating an HTML documents from ASP form input and some examples are explained.
  46)   ASP Form Tester
This is an ASP script which displays the form variables passed to it. Users can add all the variables in their web application being passed.
  47)   ASP Forum Script
ASP Forum Script is an article that discusses about building database driven online forum script for ASP supported websites.
  48)   ASP GFX
ASP GFX is a program built on ASP that allows users to create area chart, ribbon chart, pie chart, line chart and bar chart on their websites.
  49)   ASP Guestbook
ASP Guestbook is a guestbook program which allows the users to maintain guestbook. This program handles text files for saving the users entries.
  50)   ASP Inline Calendar
Now this software helps the web administrators to set the calendar events very easily. Through this the webmasters can track the events and modify the events registered by the clients.

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