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Top 1-50 ASP scripts at Programsdb.com
Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   ASP Forum Script
ASP Forum Script is an article that discusses about building database driven online forum script for ASP supported websites.
  2)   Free Chat script
Free Chat script is a tutorial that guides users to create a chat system on their ASP supported websites. Users can easily follow the provided sample code to create their own chat system.
  3)   SIMPLE ASP Image Security Code Verification
SIMPLE ASP Image Security Code Verification is a very simple module that helps the webmasters to employ a security code and every image might undergo reverification.
  4)   Pure ASP Whois
Pure ASP Whois is open source asp class that allows you to perform whois searches from any of your asp applications. It is totally free.
  5)   Using the EVAL method
This little ASP article comes with the sample program from which you can understand the benefits of Eval function in strings to evaluate mathametical expressions.
  6)   ASP Guestbook
ASP Guestbook is a guestbook program which allows the users to maintain guestbook. This program handles text files for saving the users entries.
  7)   Replacing bad words in a string
One of the string manipulation tutorial that educates you how the bad words in the ASP form page can be removed or replaced by implememting the string array functions.
  8)   Ocean12 ASP Guestbook Manager
Full-featured guestbook program written in ASP/VBScript.
  9)   Vote Engine
Vote Engine can be utilized by the users to generate vote questions on their websites. By using this ASP based application webmasters can create any number of questions to match their moto of voting.
  10)   POP Forums
POP Forums is a forum program where the users can post or reply messages in the forum. The members have the ability to email other members through online form.
  11)   01forums
01forums is a powerful program that helps administrators to build and manage an online forum on their ASP supporting websites. This program allows administrators to have any number of forums.
  12)   ISC-Guestbook
ISC-Guestbook is a guestbook which allows the users to post comments along with name, url and email address.
  13)   Disable the Back Button Hack
This tutorial has provided a code snippet to help the web developers for disabling the back button on their web page.
  14)   Alivesites Forums
Website administrators can utilize Alivesites Forums to build and manage a full featured online forum on their website. They can allow their members to share their views on various topics by using this program.
  15)   SfImageResize
SfImageResize is a image edting software that supports PNG, GIF and JPEG formats. Using this program you can resize images to any desired proportions.
  16)   XML DOM: Adding a Child Element and an Attribute using VBScript
This is an online tutorial that covers on adding an attribute or a child element to XML DOM elements with the help of VB script.
  17)   Create a custom ASP error page
All errors found on your website can be stored into a centralized and customized common error page so as to reduce the large coding used to display custom errors is illustrated with ASP sample programs in this web based course.
  18)   dgCalendar
dgCalendar allows to custom calander with very simple steps. You can specify or select the calander period. Also able to customize the look and feel by selecting the required display parameters.
  19)   RichardHealey.com Guest Book
RichardHealey.com Guest Book is a guestbook program which allows the users to post comments on the guestbook. This program provide email to the user with Persits.MailSender.
  20)   Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod
Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod is a web based calendar program based on ASP. Users can use this program for event scheduling.
  21)   Free Guest Book
Free Guest Book is a program which permit the users to add comments and messages on the guestbook that can be displayed on websites with thank you greeting card.
  22)   ASP GFX
ASP GFX is a program built on ASP that allows users to create area chart, ribbon chart, pie chart, line chart and bar chart on their websites.
  23)   FIX: ASP Incorrectly Delivers SSL Data in 32 Kilobyte Segments
It is an article which deals with accessing the ASP pages with the help of secure socket layer inorder to avoid the input or output error. Here author offers information about reducing the SSL segment size for sending the content of ASP.
  24)   Upload file using IE without user interaction - VBA
From this article you can learn to upload files online without user interaction and to accept uploaded files in ASP. This is an useful guide for the webmasters in uploading files online.
  25)   ASP Stats Pro Site Counter
This script is used for tracking the websites and displays the track report statistically. It is used by webmasters on their website. The tracked information are stored in MS Access database.
  26)   Request Form
This is a tutorial which explains about the request form. The three main functions of the request form is also explained.
  27)   Mayja Forum
Mayja Forum is a program which permit the users to post threads or messages in the forum. This program allows users to make a reply for the threads posted.
  28)   Guest book 3000
Guest book 3000 is a guestbook program which enables the users to post comments by specifying name, email address, location and URL.
  29)   BP Blog
This is an easy to use blog program and is developed with ASP that can be used by the site visitors to post their views and ideas on the site.
  30)   GA's Guest Book
Design GuestBook Series. Build your own design (including color, font, background, borders, filters) online with "Virtual Designer". 30 preset skins are included.
  31)   ShoutBox In Flash with or without database
ShoutBox In Flash is small 18 kb of swf which allows users on your site to interact with each other.
  32)   Pagination to columns for large query
This online tutorial discusses about the pagination to columns for large query. The author explains this concept with an example through this article.
  33)   MailBee SSL Plugin
MailBee SSL enables your ASP and Windows applications to communicate to SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 servers over secure TLS and SSL connections.
  34)   HTML Syntax Highlighter and Basic HTML Editor
Whenever you open a file or while typing a code this powerful ASP application is capable of highlighting the syntax of ASP, HTML comments in a rich text box.
  35)   Ron's Guest Book
Ron's Guest Book is a program which enables the users to post comments along with their name, email address, location and date.
  36)   SoftArtisans ExcelWriter
SoftArtisans ExcelWriter provides an excel writer for ASP.NET applications which can generate excel spreadsheets.
  37)   FlashCharts
FlashCharts is a program that can be used to expand the capabilities of the web application to generate flash charts on the websites. Users can use this tool to create pie charts, bar charts, line charts etc., on their websites.
  38)   Pollcat Polls
Webmasters can use this ASP based script 'Pollcat Polls' for coducting surveys with their visitors, clients etc., It is easy to use and customize this script.
  39)   Online database administration tools
This is a powerful online database administration tool that allows users to add their entries, update or remove it from the database online.
  40)   Login page to your website using ASP
This is an article in ASP in which author provides guideline for the users to generate a simple login page in their users website with the help of the source code he offers.
  41)   Advanced Mail
Advanced Mail lets you send e-mail from your web pages. It provides support for the most popular e-mail objects: Persits AspEmail - Cdonts - CdoSys - Dimac JMail - Soft Artisan SMTPmail - ServerObjects AspMail.
  42)   Free Tell a Friend ASP script
Free ASP script that can be readilly added to your site. Let your site's visitors invite their friends and relatives to your site with easy-to-use interface.
  43)   InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor
Build a good looking content with more stylish presentation using this InnovaStudio WYSIWYG Editor. Helps the webmasters to create a high quality word processor.
  44)   Flash and ASP
This tutorial clearly explains features of the Macromedia Flash and ASP. Flash is used to create interactivce movies and images in web pages. ASP is a server side programming tool.
  45)   An ASP Database Support Component
Here is an article which helps you to generate a component which performs complicated database processing and string processing. In this tutorial author offers you various methods to construct database supported component.
  46)   ChatSpace Instant Messenger
This is an application that provides instant messaging facilities to users websites. This program supports file attachment along with the messages.
  47)   Task Manager
Task Manager is a script built on ASP which can be used by a team that is working together for any project to post their ideas or tasks about their project.
  48)   ASP Banner Rotator
This script is built in ASP which is used for creating web pages with rotating banner ads. Banner details are stored in database and it queries the object from database for random image display on the banner.
  49)   IntrQuest
IntrQuest is an ASP based script which helps webmasters in generating and maintaining online questionaire forms, clients or visitors satisfaction surveys and feedback on their websites.
  50)   Programmer's Resource Forum
Ask questions or share information about ASP Programming here at Programmer's Resource Forum.

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