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     BP Blog can be used by the webmasters to maintain a blog system on their websites, it allows the users to browse images and files on the webserver. This program has an updated HTML editor which can be used to add blog contents, to change text font size, style, color and format etc. This program displays blog contents along with heading and users can integrate this software into their active websites. Admin are allowed to upload images and files on their websites through this program.


Top ASP scripts
1).   BP Blog This is an easy to use blog program and is developed with ASP that can be used by the site visitors to post their views and ideas on the site.
2).   BlogIt This is a blog program and is written in ASP that helps users to allow their site visitors to post their comments from anywhere through a web based interface.
3).   Web Wiz Journal (Blog) Web Wiz Journal (Blog) is an ASP based program and is a blog application that can be used to create and share your thoughts on the websites. This program comes with many enhanced features.
4).   Matthew1471 ASP BlogX Blogging script which runs classic ASP, just install, login and click "Add Entry".
5).   tsp_weblog tsp_weblog is a program built on ASP using which administrators can build weblog on their websites. This program allows them to manage each and every aspect including adding and removing weblogs.
6).   Rollingpin: weblog reading lists in ASP 'Rollingpin: weblog reading lists in ASP' is an ASP based program which can be used by the users to display a blogroll on their websites.
7).   Nanopress Nanopress is a program that helps administrators to obtain an enhanced blogging program on their ASP based websites. This program facilitates administrators for an easier management.