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Task Manager - Script Review
Task Manager
Exhedra Solutions, Inc
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ASP / Organizers
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     This program is a task manager which lets a group of people to put forward their ideas or tasks while they are working for a project. Users can find facilities to add and delete tasks and they can view the list of all tasks. They can also have the facility to sort the list in different order using one of the headings. It is easy to use this tool on any website.


Top ASP scripts
1).   XML Organization Chart XML Organization Chart is a script based on ASP with which corporates can build organizational charts with personal information of their employees. It does this process after getting input data in XML format.
2).   Event manager Event manager is a ASP based script which comes with the ability to let the users to post their events. This is an online system which permits users to manage complex of events from any type.
3).   Doctor's Appointment Software Doctor's Appointment Software is a script built on ASP, specially for the doctors. Doctors can schedule their appointment hours with respect to the days by using this online program.
4).   Address Book The administrator may add, delete, or edit the information through the Access database, or go to an administrator form on a web page to do the same.
5).   Contact Manager Contact Manager is a simple program to be used as an organizer for all contact details and provides facility to search specific detail. It has a password protected login page for security.
6).   aspWebContacts aspWebContacts is an ASP based script, by using this webmasters can organize contacts online over their websites. This is a ready to use system, no need to configure it.
7).   Absolute Project Manager Absolute Project Manager is a program which can be used by project management team or project managers to organize and to track all their projects.