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Advanced Mail - Script Review
Advanced Mail
Gianluigi Revello
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     Available features: - Send e-mail from form and/or from recordset. - Support to write extended Sql statement for the recordset. - Progress Bar on e-mail sending. - Support for Html or plain text body text, e-mail priority, Cc list, Bcc list, return receipt, reply-to. - Support to get body text from file or from form field or from recordset field or write yourself. - Get the body text from a dynamic page from your site or from any domain - Upload files and send in attachment (With all the features of my AspUpload extension). - Support for embedded images (If your component support this option) - Support for attached files (List of files and/or all files in folder) - Get the path of the files to send from the recordset's fields - Support for replace string in body text to personalize e-mail body text. - Select the charset for the mail - Send form field value to the redirect page - Create a registration confirmation mail (Only with PlugIn installed) - Create a generic password for user registration (Only with PlugIn installed) - Send mail to retrieve lost passwords - Report for Uploaded files is sent to the redirect page - Report error for each mail is sent to the redirect page


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