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SoftArtisans ExcelWriter - Script Review
SoftArtisans ExcelWriter
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     SoftArtisans ExcelWriter can create Excel spreadsheets without the use of Microsoft Excel. It is a powerful server-side product. Users are able to generate, change the spreadsheets within a web server. The key features are high performance, flexible report creation, hotcell technology, and more.


Top ASP scripts
1).   Intranet Document Management It is an intranet management system which helps the designer to search, upload and retrive the document present in the intranet. The output of the document will be in tree format. Through this program the designer can create a folder and to load the document in the folder.
2).   ASP Online Documents ASP Online Documents is a dynamic web content management system, with source code which can be installed in the designers website. With this online document the user can present articles or they can gather information faster. This has many features to help users.
3).   gee! Document Collections Create an easy to use document collection with gee! Document Manager or gee! Document Collections. Allow users to download important documents, forms, and information from your website.
4).   WordToy Word Toy is an application which produces an online microsoft document which used to control all the modification done in that document, Even in the absence of word server it works in ActiveX server and ASP web class components.
5).   docNext Lite docNext Lite is an online document management ASP application to secure, send, view and to store the documents present in the database. This program is capable of managing acrobat files, audio, video, MS office docs etc.
6).   SoftArtisans ExcelWriter SoftArtisans ExcelWriter provides an excel writer for ASP.NET applications which can generate excel spreadsheets.
7).   iNetSoft Workspace iNetSoft Workspace is an online document management system. It has an interface through which web designer can built, store and manage online documentation. The program can be installed in the users existig web sites to connect the document management functionalities in that web site.