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     Programmingtutorials.com offers tutorials and a forum for programmers wanting to learn programming languages or would like to further their knowledge of programming languages.


Top C and C++ scripts
1).   Gameprogramming.org Online Classes Gameprogramming.org Online Classes is a site that offers many online classes that is related with game programming in C and C++. These online classes can be attended by anyone who is interested in creating game programs.
2).   The Association of C & C++ Users The ACCU is a non-profit organisation devoted to professionalism at all levels in C, C++ and Java.
3).   ASK A PROGRAM CODE OR DOUBT ASK A PROGRAM CODE OR DOUBT is a website that allows the programmers to ask doubts regarding their programs in C and C++. They can post the source codes of their programs so that others can clarify their doubts.
4).   CodeGuru CodeGuru offers a message board about different programming languages.
5).   cpp.8m.com C++ website A gateway to C++ resources on the web.
6).   Mindcracker Mindcracker offers C++ tutorials, resources and an online community.
7).   CodeSite Community for Programmers CodeSite Community for Programmers offers an online community for programming languages such as C and C++ as well as other languages.