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ASP Banner Rotator - Script Review
ASP Banner Rotator
Keith Ollerton
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ASP / Ad Management
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     This script is basically built in ASP which is helpful for the webmasters to facilitate their website with banners which displays different images randomly. This tool is basically for giving ads to market products online. It uses database to store entire details about banners. This script is simple to use and easy to understand.


Top ASP scripts
1).   Web Banners This ASP based banner rotation system is now available for *free*! Features include: Random banner rotation, ability to track impressions and click-thru's, web based password protected administration area to delete/modify/add advertisers, client area to view statistics, and more!
2).   Ad rotating Ad rotating is an ASP based database driven program that enables webmasters to display random ads on their websites. They can use any number of ads to perform banner rotation.
3).   ASP Banner Unlimited This script is used for generating website with advertisement facility using different images, animated file, flash etc., It has built-in ad tracking facility and it is easy to use.
4).   DynamicLink DynamicLink is a program that comes with the ability to manage the referral links to user’s website. This program is built on ASP and can be easily used by the users.
5).   Free Simple Ad Rotator Free simple Ad Rotaor gives to visitors distinct ads each time they access a page from your server.
6).   Alivesites Banner Ads Alivesites Banner Ads is a program that allows website administrators to display ad banners on their websites. This program supports various sized banners.
7).   CoverYourASP-advertising system This is a tutorial that discusses about the cost perclick method. ASP users can find this tutorial as a guide to create banner rotation on their websites.