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     This is a program using which administrators can facilitate their members to share their own views on different issues by creating an online discussion board. The administrators can have option to either allow their members only to post comments or to permit all to send comments. This program has searching functionality and allows administrators to take control over every aspect including editing and removing posts. This program can be used for building true threaded forum and provides effective email functionality for notification and support. This program works without requiring any component and can be easily setup by the administrators.


Top ASP scripts
1).   Message-Board It is an ASP based online interactive discussion board answering the question of the visitors, displaying threaded messages, search engine, adding banner and few more features it provides.
2).   ASP Message Board This an ASP based message board component that can be integrated into user website for creating a message board on their website. It has MS Access as in-built database.
3).   Ideal bulletin board Ideal bulletin board is a message board program where the users can post messages on various topics and the messages can be viewed by other users by browsing the board. This program allows multiple forums.
4).   Web Wiz Forums Web Wiz Forums, written by Bruce Corkhill, is a powerful free feature packed ASP Discussion Forum, Bulletin Board, system, with many powerful advanced features that would only normally be found in applications costing many hundreds of pounds.
5).   BasicForum BasicForum is a free message board for person websites. People and post messages and reply to messages. Great admin features.
6).   BoardServer It is an ASP based online messaging board that can be integrated into users website, maintain existing customer relationship, expand potential base, manage customer feedback and response.
7).   Inside Technique : Adding Discussion Forums Inside Technique : Adding Discussion Forums is a tutorial that elaborately discusses about building enhanced online forum using SQL server database.