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Instant Site Editor - WYSIWYG CMS - Script Review
Instant Site Editor - WYSIWYG CMS
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PHP / Content Management
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     Instant Site Editor is the perfect tool if you own your own website, or your a hosting company and you want your customers to update their site themselves. ISE offers you full control over the files on your server. Upload new files, delete, rename and CHMOD files/folders. ISE uses a WYSIWYG editor for HTML pages, and a simple textarea tag for editing code pages such as PHP, ASP and CGI files allowing you access to update every type of file on your server! Specify which files you want to see listed in the admin section by selecting from a list of extensions. You can also add your own extensions to this list. Specify if you want your users to edit all, or only part of a page by adding HTML comment tags for editable sections. ISE will then only load the editable code in to the window.


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