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A Simple CGI Email Handler - Script Review
A Simple CGI Email Handler
Thomas Boutell
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C and C++ / Form Processors
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     Webmasters can utilize this tool on their websites to handle the emails in an effective manner. This is a powerful tool avoids the confusions for the webmasters by eliminating the usage of temporary files to a greater extent. This tool replaces tilde escapes preventing security lapses on the sites. This tool uses #define function to avoid the commonly occuring difficulties or problems.


Top C and C++ scripts
1).   A Simple CGI Email Handler A Simple CGI Email Handler is a tool that uses a simple configuration file that tells the allowable authorised users and this tool can be easily added on the webmasters CGI directory. This tool avoids the use of temporary files.
2).   MailForm MailForm is a CGI program that offers flexibility by parsing the CGI queries faster. This tool offers the facility of multiple recipients, and sends multiple cookies with the HTML response.
3).   COMMENTS CGI This is very useful as not everyone has their email program set up to work with 'mailto:' HTML links. This simple Comments Form CGI will take visitors comments and store them on the server You can view the comments, delete them etc
4).   cgiemail cgiemail is a CGI program that has been written in C for use in UNIX platform that has the capability of changing the input in the visitors form to the format in the webmasters site.
5).   WebMailer Pro WebMailer Pro is a powerful and advanced HTML form that allows the webmasters to directly send reply to their visitors who submit forms on their webpages without depending on any third party.
6).   CGIMachine - FORMVAR CGIMachine - FORMVAR is an application for sending the contents of online forms to any desired email account. This is an application that is highly secure and reliable for use.
7).   ARCLAB's MailMe! Pro ARCLAB's MailMe! Pro is a powerful form mailer that is mainly useful for the webservers of Windows based environment which allows the visitors to send messages from their web page to the webmasters' email account.