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Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs Cheats and Hints for PC Platform

Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs
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Unlock All Dinos
Name a guest DINOMAN. The cheat turns off when you restart the game.

Unlock Deinosuchus
To unlock the Deinosuchus, complete all scenarios. Select "No" when the final scenario concludes and you will be told that the Deinosuchus has been unlocked.

Unlock Mermaid
To get a mermaid in "Marine Mania" create a new tank, then if you have the mermaid statue you can put it in the tank, it will break open and become a mermaid.

More Money
During gameplay, press Shift + 4.

To Unlock Deinosuchus name a ready made exhibit 'Super Croc'.
To Unlock the Unicorn, Name a Ready-made Exhibit 'Xanadu'.
Unlock Triceratops by naming a ready-made exhibit 'Cretaceous Corral'.
Note: If you don't have a Ready-made Exhibit, then build a few exhibits, and then name the first one 'Super Croc' ect.

Name cheats:
Rename one of your guests to the following entries to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect - Code:

Blue guests and buildings - Mr. Blue
Yellow guests and buildings - Mr. Blonde
White guests and buildings - Mr. White
Brown guests and buildings - Mr. Brown
Orange guests and buildings - Mr. Orange
Pink guests and buildings - Mr. Pink
White birds attack - Alfred H
Fences deteriorate 100% - Russell C
Sick guests - Zeta Psi
All scenarios - Akiyama
All animal enrichment research programs - Lou Catanzaro
All animal care research programs - Adam Levesque
All animal buildings - Andrew Binder
All animal shelters available - John Wheeler
All exhibit foliage - Charlie Peterson
All staff education research programs - Hank Howie
All endangered animals research programs - Steve Serafino
Dinosaur Foliage research program - Ron Propst
Dinosaur eggs hatch faster - Eggman
All dinosaurs - Dinoman

Exhibit cheats:
After the game automatically names an exhibit, rename it to one of the following entries to get the corresponding animal or effect.

Effect - Name:

Triceratops - Cretaceous Corral
Unicorn - Xanadu
Chance that more guests enter zoo - Wonderland
Double exhibit donations - Microsoft
Dienosuchus - Super Croc

All scientists walk twice as fast:
Name a scientist Dr. Scholl.

Egg contents change:
Name a scientist Dr. Frankenstein for a 10% chance that an egg will change its contents when the scientist visits.

Set all tour guides salaries to zero:
Name one of the tour guides Rosalie.

Fix all broken fences:
Name a male maintenance worker Bob V.

Remove foliage and $300 tax rebate:
Name a male maintenance worker George W.

Destroy all buildings:
Name male maintenance worker The Rock.

Change pointer hand color:
Press [Ctrl] + C.

Easy money:
Use high breedability animals, such as warthogs or velociaraptors, and make them as happy as possible. As soon as they give birth to offspring, sell them. This is useful when they start to overpopulate your cages, or if your losing money.

Easy Best Exhibit Design award:
When you make an exhibit, place three large rocks (which satisfy most animals, but not all --the warthog which is happier with more) and put all the foliage in one corner and a few others scattered through the exhibit but quite a bit apart. If you clump it all in one corner, once the animals are in the green bar with happiness, with thier foliage stop. Doing this with two or three exhibits will easily win you the award.

Easy fence repair:
Instead of waiting for a maintenance worker, just buy the same kind of fence and replace the deteriorating part. If you are low on money, pick up the worker and move him to the fence. However, there is no guarantee he will work on it -- they will just walk away.

Use any fence with dinosaurs:
To use any fence to hold dinosaurs (and save money), decrease the elevation of the exhibit two to four spaces down and surround it with any fence. The dinosaurs will not get out. Decreasing it by four spaces is Recommended for T-Rex, Allosaurus, and Spinosaurus.

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