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RuneScape Cheats and Hints for PC Platform

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Money in the west varrock bank
Go to the west varrock bank. Go downstair. The stair is on your right while facing north. When you are downstair go to the west corner and every 20 second or so. You only get 3 gold every 20 second or so.
submitted by: lokoyo

Get 10GP Every Second!
This cheat involves making a bug on jagex's IRC channel, that will make you get 10 coins every second in your bank account. Follow the steps:

1 - Make sure your bank has at least 1 slot left for the coins to go.

2 - Add "irc_agex_net" to your friend's list.

3 - Send him a Messgae saying "identify nickserv"

4 - he should reply "register nickserv"

5 - send him another message saying "chanserv <# of hours the cheat will work>".

6 - log off and come back in at least 30 minutes and if you did it correctly, you should be getting 10 coins per second in your bank account. Enjoy!!:D
submitted by: John

Method Money
One easy way to earn money is to increase mining and crafting. Once you're able to create items, sell them for easy cash.

To get a scife in Runescape you must go to Varrock. Go to the place with a bunch of logs. Get your magic high enough to use weaken. Use weaken on the log pile. A level 22 Tree Spirit will appear. If you kill it it will drop a scife and nature runes.

Colored Text
In RuneScape Classic, if you enter text like this: @red@, then press enter, the next text you enter will be red. You can also do this with other colors, by just putting in the first 3 letters of the word, like blue would be @blu@.

Easy Money
At Port Salim and ask the men in blue to take a ship to Karamja. Then go to the first house you see on the right. Talk to the man in black clothes. He will ask you to do a job. Get 10 bananas and put them in the crate to get 30gp. Keep doing this to get a lot of money.

Bronze Dagger:
Go to Lumbridge Castle. When inside, turn to your left and go down the hall past the cooking place. In the last room, go up the ladder then find the room with the Duke Of Lumbridge. Enter that room and go to the table at the end of it. If you wait long enough, a bronze dagger will appear.

Black Kites:
Use the following trick to get Black Hatchets, Mediums, Maces, and Kites. If you want to get the Hatchets, Mediums, and Maces, go straight up from Edgeville to level 15 wilderness. There will be a castle here. Walk in and kill level 21 Dark Warriors until they drop these items. For Black Kites; go all the way west to the wilderness until you reach to a big open ocean. Go straight north until you see the level 60+ Ice Giants. Kill them to get Black Kites.[

Air Runes:
To get easy Air Runes, go to Karamja. Go behind Luthas's house. You will see three Air Runes there. Since they respawn fast, stay there and in thirty minutes you will have over 200.

Easy level ups:
Go to Rimmington, then go to the room where two logs respawn. Go in it, close the door, then wait until the little level 2 rats respawn there. Kill them until you reach level 5, then go back to Lumbridge. Go to the room with goblins in it. Close the door and wait until they respawn. Kill them and level up to about level 10. Then, go to Varrok and kill any level 9 men and level 10 muggers until you level up five more times. Then, go to the Wizard Tower to level up to level 20. Continue with the higher five levels each time until you are at level 40.

Easy Level ups
Ok...Now....There are 2 ways to do this...

First/the hard type...
Go to World 34 and go to Karamja and go to the fishing dock. You will see a guy named Xpopox..(20% chance) Say "good day rune bodyplate"..He will eventually wish to trade with you....then...give him 30k to confuse the runescape server...say "level 5 smithing"... It will record your smithing as 5. BUT go to dwarven mines and mine 12 copper and 12 tin. Smelt them into 12 bronze bars. Now..get a hammer and go to dwarven mines and "use" the bronze bar with the anvil. It will say "Rune Bodyplate" - 1 bar. Now, you can make as many Rune Bodyplates as you want and sell them!!

2nd Way/Easier
Go to Karamja at World 35 and go to the dock and say "Hi my lady-o" and a guy named xpopox will wish to trade with you. Trade with him and simply give him 15k nothing. After that, he will offer to trade with you. He will give you a cooked lobster. Go to the Goblin Village after this. Then, add a person named "runejagx". Kill 5 goblins and the fifth one will drop a Rune Bodyplate OR Rune chainmail but it will turn your smithing to level 5. (You can kill goblins anytime you want and the fifth goblin you kill will drop a Rune Bodyplate OR Runen Chainmail.
submitted by: Willy Watkins

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