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KKnd 2: crossfire Cheats and Hints for PC Platform

KKnd 2: crossfire
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The game must be run with the command line option
'-badnews'. To do this, make a shortcut to the
kknd2.exe file. Edit the properties of the shortcut
(press ALT-ENTER). In the target field, add '-badnews'
to the end of the line. It should look something like this: Kknd2.exe -badnews While playing the game, press CTRL and TAB together
at exactly the same time. It may take you a little
while to hit them together. When you do, a message
will be displayed saying 'Cheats Enabled.'
Then enter any one of the following: CTRL-M = Extra money.
CTRL-C = Win level.
CTRL-F = Lose level.
CTRL-W = Turn on waypoint information.
CTRL-E = Turn off waypoint information.
CTRL-T = Turn off the fog of war Command line parameters
To use a custom unit configuration file in the single
player missions, run the game with the command line
parameter '-stats' followed by the name of the
configuration file. For example: Kknd2.exe -badnews -stats justybear
Invincible Army
Create an invincible army in unit editor.
Start a multiplayer game using that setup.
Exit the multiplayer game onto the main menu.
Go into singleplayer and start a mission. It
will then activate your invincible army.
ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ Tip: Read the manual carefully: using the Constructables
menus properly is the key to victory. Tip: Be very careful when setting up defenses, as the
computer AI is good enough to find weaknesses. Tip: Always use scouts and plan your attacks carefully;
the computer will launch counteroffensives when your
base is vulnerable.

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