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Settlers 3 Cheats and Hints for PC Platform

Settlers 3
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Quick Build
During the game, press F12 to pause the game.
When you press it again the game will resume
and 1 minute will have passed for all players.
----- Tip 1
If your pioneers are getting attacked and their health shows
red or yellow, simply convert them back to carriers. The enemy
can't attack them, and when you convert them back to pioneers
they will have full health. Tip 2
If you are playing a game and your spies spot a large amount of
troops heading your way, convert all your spare settlers into
pioneers and group them up. Send the pioneers into the invading
troops. It's cruel, but it will give you some time to get all of
your troops into the area. Tip 3
Here's a good way of getting material to an area. Build a market
and set a route to eg brewery to sphinx.

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