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Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure Cheats and Hints for Lynx Platform

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
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To get past creatures, run.
Keep the scare stone on at all times while in
Egypt 1500.

The ankh is helpful for water travel.
In Egypt 1500 BC, in two player mode, both of
the characters have to be in the boat when you
travel to the Great Pyramid.

Lions of stone may stay of stone with the sound
of a harp.

Egypt's Paradox deals with the pillar in Egypt
1700 BC.

Don't try to talk to any of the walking guards
in Rome. They have a very bad temper.

Get a boost from the fountain.
The lion of the dungeon is fond of a certain
Roman instrument.

The guards in the sanctuary building dislike a
certain European musical instrument.

Due to a glitch in the games, it's best to
collect the notes in Rome 60 BC in the pattern
of FOREST / SANCTUARY / CITY. If they are
collected in another order, you will end up with
79 notes, instead of 80. The game automatically
thinks that you have already picked up the 80th
note, thus making the needed note disappear and
never to be found.

Something black will get you past Rome's

In Europe, hesitating will be the death of you.

Dracula's tomb holds something of magical
importance for you.

The axes in Europe can only be crossed when they
swing and temporarily stop in your direction.

Texas' Paradox deals with gold and time forgot.

Check the skulls.

In Texas, the train ticket is used for a ride on
the tracks.

Dynamite and Billy the Kid are a pair made for

'HELL' is a perfect name for this extremely
frustrating level. Wait for the path stones to
flash twice before moving to another one.

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