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Sea Dogs Cheats and Hints for PC Platform

Sea Dogs
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To enable cheat working press and keys
simultaneously. Then type the cheat you want to make
working. Cheats works correct with default keyboard
controls only and only at sea.

Code Result
HAVE LIFE - completely repair you ship,
supplement it with crew and
restore all sails (only if you
have enough sail-cloth).
GET ME MAGIC - Increase the damage of your rounds
100 times.
NOW I FLYING - Release camera from your ship (pressing
Ctrl + F during camera being outboard in
FIRE FROM CAMERA - This cheat allows you to fire from camera
by pressing NumPad "0". (Numlock must be on)
TELEPORT - allows the teleportation of your ship onto
camera position by pressing CTRL +L.
MAKE SCREEN SHOTS - Rounds doesn't do any damage.
EXPU MNE - A huge amount of experience.
DENEG DAY - Gives you a lot of money

Avoid monthly crew payment:
Weigh anchor at the end of the month and wait until
the first of the next month is past. The crew payment
option will not appear.

Seek out and hire a first mate as soon as possible.
With him onboard, you can take prize ships, which you
can use to bolster your fleet or, more important early
on, your gold coffers. If you're fast, you can get in a couple of slashes at
the very start of a duel. As soon as the screen starts
to appear, hit the strike keys. You should be able to
get in two or three hits before your opponent reacts. When you begin the game, Spain is your enemy and France
and England are both neutral. Keep it this way for a
while, as things are tough enough with just the Spanish
and Pirates to worry about. Get letters of marque from
both France and England, and you will be able to get work
from both. Make sure not to attack their ships for a while.
Prey upon Pirate and Spanish shipping until you've built
up your ship and crew enough to afford making France and/or
England your enemy

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